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Patch Instagram photo by thesmallbusinessprophet

What Is the Worst Holiday Gift Ever?

What gift have you received that left you speechless?

What Is the Worst Holiday Gift Ever?

There's one every holiday, it seems.

You could relate it to the book Alexander and his teribble, horrible no good very bad day.

That gift that puzzles you, irritates you, embarrasses you, frustrates you. And even if you know in your heart that it's the holiday season and that you should be gracious and thankful, you just want to shake your head in disbelief?

Was it the ugly Christmas sweater that you gave to Aunt Margie last year, carefully wrapped and unknowingly (or knowingly) re-gifted right back to you?

Was it that set of salt-and-pepper shakers shaped like cheese wedges that your grandmother gave you because she thinks you need a hobby, and shouldn't everyone have a collection of something?

Was it the donation made in your name to a charity you would never have wanted to support, but that the giver supports enthusiastically?

The holidays can be stressful enough. Let's share a giggle and remember those gifts that—years later—still make us say, "What were they thinking?"

A Few Well-Intentioned, But Just Plain Wrong Gifts:

“I got a holiday Barbie,” said Angie Simmons. “When I was 22. And I am not a collector.”

Brittney Mansfield Acevedo said that, as a child, she would ask Santa for a kitten every year, but she’d only get a stuffed one. But this story ends well.

“I finally got one when I was 16,” Acevedo said.

Nikki Peterson said that her worst gift ever was an itchy sweater from Peru.

“Yeah, thanks,” she said. “The knitted images of the llamas go great with my figure, said no one ever.”

One-Two Punch Gifts:

Etiquette teacher, business owner and City of Hazelwood resident Monica Black, for example, was thrilled when she opened a gift inside a gift one year.

“It was a purse and within that was a smaller wallet with a gold bracelet inside,” Black said. “The worst was when I lost the bracelet.”

So how about you? What have been your best or most favorite holiday gifts? How about your least favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments section, below!

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