Jul 30, 2014
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11 New Businesses in Downtown Kirkwood

Downtown Kirkwood has seen a host of diverse businesses move into its special shopping district and more openings are coming soon.

11 New Businesses in Downtown Kirkwood

The Downtown Kirkwood Special Business District has seen an influx of new businesses recently and entrepreneurs who want to call Downtown Kirkwood home just keep coming.

In May, the following businesses opened in Downtown Kirkwood:

  1. Rusted Chandelier
  2. DEEsigns

In June, the following openings are planned:

  1. Ober Anderson Gallery
  2. Art on the Vine
  3. Manila Bistro
  4. East + West

Within in the next few months, the following businesses will open their doors:

  1. Gianino Family of Restaurants operation
  2. Daruma Sushi
  3. Sparkle

“We are pleased that these businesses have selected locations in downtown Kirkwood,” said Peggy Heffner, Chairperson of the Downtown Kirkwood Special Business District Advisory Commission and co-owner of the retail store , in a statement.

Heffner, who has worked in downtown Kirkwood for nearly 30 years, added that the ongoing efforts of the Special Business District and the to promote and support the district’s businesses has significantly contributed to making downtown Kirkwood a desirable place to locate a business.  

And those efforts are seeing a return on investment. Revenue rose about 6 percent from 2010 to 2011 based on revenue from business licenses in the Special Business District, according to the district. 

“These new businesses are retail and restaurant operations and they will complement the popular shopping and dining options already available in downtown Kirkwood,” said Donna Poe, Executive Director of Downtown Kirkwood Special Business District, in a statement. 


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