Jul 30, 2014
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Feedback: Tweaks to Kirkwood Patch Homepage

We've made slight tweaks to our homepage to help you interact with Kirkwood Patch.

Feedback: Tweaks to Kirkwood Patch Homepage

Kirkwood Patchers likely noticed a few changes to our homepage this morning. Here are some tweaks we made in our ongoing effort to make Kirkwood Patch the most useful community resource possible.

Weather: We moved the temperature icon next to the Kirkwood Patch graphic at the top of the homepage. Scroll over the icon to get today's whether and a six-day forecast with links to hourly and detailed weather reports.

Commute: We combined our old "Traffic & Gas" to a "Commute" tab. Click it for real-time traffic and gas updates.

Comments: We moved them closer to the top of the page. Scroll through "What People Are Saying..." and jump into the conversation. Right now, Patchers are weighing in on whether

Patching in General: Your ability to start a blog and post photos and events to the site have been prominently featured under the comment stream where we ask "What's up with you?" With one click, you can submit a blog idea and we'll get you started spreading your unique voice to a wide audience. Also with one click, you can upload photos to our photo gallery section of the site under the Pics and Clips Tab.

Your Thoughts: We think these changes give users more power to spread the word about issues that matter to them and find information that makes their daily lives easier. Do you agree? We rely on your feedback to make Kirkwood Patch the best community resource possible, so please chime in. What do you think of our changes to the Kirkwood Patch homepage?

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