Jul 30, 2014
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Fashion Friday: Leggings and Tights for Fall

Lillians in Kirkwood and Rung in Rock Hill have great looks to keep you warm and fashionable.

Fashion Friday: Leggings and Tights for Fall Fashion Friday: Leggings and Tights for Fall Fashion Friday: Leggings and Tights for Fall Fashion Friday: Leggings and Tights for Fall Fashion Friday: Leggings and Tights for Fall Fashion Friday: Leggings and Tights for Fall Fashion Friday: Leggings and Tights for Fall

Leggings, tights and jeggings have become essential pieces for fall and winter, for practical and fashionable reasons. Of course they help keep your legs warm during the colder months, but they also can serve as a fashionable compliment to a dress, tunic, sweater or skirt.

"They're just so comfortable," Erica Dunk, a sales associate at in Rock Hill, said of leggings. "You can put them with anything for more of a high-fashion look."

At Rung, you can go for a layered look by wearing a simple pair of black leggings with some black knee-high riding boots (a huge trend for fall), some layered shirts and a statement necklace. For the layered shirts, try a basic solid-colored shirt underneath and a patterned or striped shirt on top.

Another way to do layers is by wearing a pair of textured leggings over a solid-colored pair.

"A wild pattern over the top makes solid leggings more interesting," Dunk said.

A pair of white lace leggings stands out when worn over a pair of black ones. Complete the outfit with a black tunic or dress, a black cardigan with a fur-lined collar and a pair of riding boots for a fun, edgy look.

Not only do leggings and tights come in a variety of colors and textures, they now come in a variety of prints to add some pizazz to your basic wardrobe pieces.

A pair of a magenta-and-black patterned leggings looks perfect when worn with riding boots, a black dress, a white coat and a black purse, and the same would go for a lot of the different patterned leggings available.

"It's not too much with the pattern," Dunk said of the basic ensemble.

In Kirkwood, has a variety tights and leggings available to add to your fall and winter wardrobe.

"Tights in general are just must-have fashion for fall and winter," Erin McCulloch, co-owner of Lillians, said.

A pair of basic black tights looks great with a black-and-teal patterned tunic and black boots. Accessorize the look with a silver pendant necklace and a pair of matching earrings.

Lillians also has a selection of patterned tights.

A pair of brown-toned tye-dye tights looks cute when worn with a nude-colored sleeveless tunic and a pair of brown boots.

"Detailed tights can add a unique flair to your outfit," McCulloch said. "They're great for dressing up a casual sweater."

One of the more unique pairs of tights at Lillians is a gray pair with a detailed pattern on the sides of the legs that almost gives the appearance that they're tattooed. These tights are ready for fall when worn with a gray sweater dress, a multi-colored scarf and a pair of black boots.

McCulloch says that these accessories can make any dress fall-friendly.

"You can take a spring or summer dress into fall with tights and a scarf," McCulloch said.

Of course, since Rung is a resale shop, there is no guarantee that the items mentioned are in stock, but they still have plenty of alternative options available. Also, Lillians is an occasional store, meaning the store's hours vary each week. Check out Lillians' website for a complete listing of the store hours.

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