Jul 28, 2014
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Grace's Glendale Bus Stop 'Ties One on for Dad'

See how the bus stop that has become a landmark online and locally is celebrating Father's Day.

Grace's Glendale Bus Stop 'Ties One on for Dad'

Add Father's Day to the list of holidays spreads with joy throughout the community.

In true Grace fashion, the Glendale bus stop that has become a landmark both locally and online has delivered yet another creative tribute. And, a dapper one.

Residents can join in on the Father's Day fun by visiting and adding a tie to the string of neckwear that's intended to share love for fathers everywhere.

Grace's Glendale Bus Stop posted the following to its Facebook page. The response has been significant and those who can't string a tie at the bus stop are asking Grace to tie one on for them.

Share the love for DAD at GGBS! No matter where your DAD is — right around the corner or far, far away — we hope you’ll stop by GGBS to TIE ONE ON FOR DAD! Bring a necktie or choose one from the box under Grace’s bench, and TIE ONE ONE FOR ...DAD. You can also record the name of the DAD(s) you’re honoring or write a brief note. If you happen to be far, far away and want your DAD to be recognized, we’ll TIE ONE ON for you and share your love for him at GGBS. Just send us a post with his name and yours, and we’ll knot a Windsor in his honor.

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