Jul 30, 2014
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Kirkwood High Yearbook Earns All-American Honor

Five things to know about the National Scholastic Press Association's ratings for the 2013 yearbook.

Kirkwood High Yearbook Earns All-American Honor
Kirkwood High School received the All-American rating from the National Scholastic Press Association for their 2012-2013 school yearbook, according to a release from the Kirkwood School District.

Here are five things to know about the honor:

  1. The All-American rating is the highest rating, and is based on five Marks of Distinction.
  2. The NSPA holds an annual review of published works.
  3. A judge or a NSPA official gives Marks of Distinction for exemplary work in five categories: Concept/Essentials, Coverage, Design, Photography, and Writing and Editing.
  4. The 2013 Pioneer scored 4,325 of 4,700 points. Judge’s summary comments included, “You have certainly created a book your school and community should be proud of.”
  5. The 2013 Pioneer was led by editors-in-chief Mary Hilleren, KHS 2013 graduate attending the University of Missouri; and Megan Kilian, KHS 2013 graduate attending Truman State University; along with 48 other staff members.
What do you think? Have you worked on yearbook staff before? What's your favorite part of the yearbook? Tell us in the comments.

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