Jul 30, 2014

Llama Dies on Way to Greentree Festival Petting Zoo

The animal was supposed to be at the festival's petting zoo but died en route after an incident with a camel.

Llama Dies on Way to Greentree Festival Petting Zoo

Kirkwood's Greentree Festival featured a petting zoo last weekend to the delight of attendees but the temporary zoo was short one animal.

A llama died on the way to the festival, according to City of Kirkwood Public Information Officer Beth von Behren.

Upon her arrival Friday morning, the owner of the petting zoo informed Kirkwood Parks Department Director Murray Pounds that she had started out with 37 animals but only 36 made it to the festival grounds alive.

"Apparently a young juvenile male camel was involved, but we don't have a lot of details," Behren said.

Kirkwood Patch asked about the incident after receiving a question from a reader.

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