The Kirkwood community is pitching in to make the Meacham Park Community Garden a better resource for residents in its second season.

The garden is now outfitted with a pavilion thanks to the Kirkwood Rotary Club. Volunteers from the club and residents raised the structure and tended garden beds Saturday as part of a service project.

Garden organizer Deb Lavender hopes the pavilion will provide a gathering place for members of the community.

"We can set up some chairs and maybe share some lemonade in the evening. It's a place where people can just sit and talk about whatever the agenda is for the day," Lavender said. "It's just an attempt to help build community."

Last year, residents built 20 garden beds for the space's opening. Half are shared by members of the community and half are owned and managed by individuals.

The new pavilion houses a communication board, so residents who maintain shared gardens can leave notes about what work has been done and what beds need extra attention.

Lavender said more residents have gotten involved with the garden since its opening.

"We're introducing neighbors to neighbors; we're introducing one area of our community to other areas of our community as people come in to tend the garden," Lavender said.

Anyone interested in working in the garden should contact Pat Clark at 314-965-6163.

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