23 Aug 2014
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Plant Pick: Violet Filli Crapemyrtle

Each week our friends at Sugar Creek Gardens in Kirkwood introduce us to a garden show-stopper.

Plant Pick: Violet Filli Crapemyrtle

Still looking great in our record heat and drought are the Crapemyrtles, a versatile group of shrubs that can be as tall as 20' to miniatures that only grow 2'. At 18" possibly the smallest of all, 'Violet Filli' Crapemyrtle begins blooming in midsummer and will continue until frost. Its branches arch outward balancing multitudes of large billowy lilac flowers. Crapemrytles prefer full sun and are not particular about soil. Once established they can withstand considerable drought and neglect, blooming well in the toughest conditions.

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