23 Aug 2014
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Police Chief Says Accident Involving 5 Year Old Was Avoidable

Glendale police chief reminds parents to heed an elementary school's drop off and pick up policy after a student was struck by a car.

Police Chief Says Accident Involving 5 Year Old Was Avoidable

Glendale Police Police Chief Jeff Beaton called a recent accident in which a car struck a 5-year-old student “very unfortunate and avoidable."

The following information was provided by the Glendale Police Department.

On Oct. 3 at 8:31 a.m., police investigated a traffic crash involving a student from North Glendale Elementary School and a motorist in front of the school.

The investigation revealed the motorist had just stopped at the crosswalk in front of the school and was proceeding south on N. Sappington Road when a 5-year-old student was dropped off by his mother in front of the school, ran in front of the mother’s vehicle – not in the marked crosswalk – and was struck by the passing southbound vehicle.

The student was transported to an area hospital and was released to full activity and returned to school later in the morning. The driver of the southbound vehicle was not charged.

Glendale Police Chief Jeff Beaton reminds parents to heed the school’s drop off and pick up policy which states students are to be dropped off on the parking lot or on the side street (Chelsea Avenue).


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