23 Aug 2014
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Weird Crime: Yelling, Honking and a Burglar Frying Bacon

A round-up of odd, unusual and off-the-wall crimes in the St. Louis area.

Weird Crime: Yelling, Honking and a Burglar Frying Bacon

This crime roundup is collected from various incidents reported by police departments around the St. Louis area.

Too Early for Yelling and Honking

A woman who was in her front yard in the Riverside subdivision in Fenton at 3 a.m. Sept. 11, and was yelling and honking her vehicle horn, was issued a peace disturbance summons.

Ultra Huffing in the Woods

The first clue that a man had been inhaling Ultra Duster was when police found him passed out in the woods on Sept. 14 with three cans of the compressed air product lying nearby, according to Fenton police. The man ultimately was arrested for returning three times to the Fenton Walmart before he was finally able to steal two cans of Ultra Duster. For those familiar with huffing, Ultra Duster is a well-known source of a quick high when it is inhaled. Its primary use is to clean dust and particles from computer keyboards and other electronic equipment.

Which Item is the Wierdest?

A woman concealed a bra, a windshield wiper blade, raw meat and sleepwear in her purse Sept. 11 at the Fenton Walmart and left the store without paying. She was issued a summons.

Forced Exit From Clayton Home

A man smashed a car through a closed garage door in Clayton after the homeowner confronted him Sept. 29 during a burglary, according to police. The burglar was rummaging through the car, stealing a cell phone and Cardinals baseball tickets,  when the homeowner entered the attached garage and confronted him. The burglar then started the 2012 GMC Arcadia and backed out through the garage door, causing $2,200 in damage. The man was later arrested.

Burglary With a Side of Bacon

A man who was caught frying bacon in one of the University City homes he burglarized pleaded guilty and was sentenced to seven years in prison. The man admitted his part in the crimes in St. Louis County Circuit Court and was immediately sentenced to concurrent seven-year terms. Last September a woman reported encountering the man in her home and that he was frying bacon in her kitchen after stealing items there.

It's the Closest Some Clay Pigeons Ever Get to a Shotgun Shell

A hazard was reported Sept. 13 on Hepperman Road at Golf Club Drive in Wentzville when someone spotted shotgun shells and clay pigeons in the roadway.

Where Not To Hide Things From Thieves

An Imperial man returned home Sept. 12 to a surprise after being gone for a week. A burglar broke into his home and stole $150 in cash from his sock drawer, according to a police report. The burglar kicked in the garage door to gain entry. 

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