Jul 28, 2014

Model Trains Run In Citizens National Since 1989

The club sets up the "S" Gauge train set each holiday season.

Model Trains Run In Citizens National Since 1989

About 15 American Flyer "S" Gaugers of the St. Louis Area continued a 23-year tradition on Thursday, setting up hills, trees, buildings and three train train tracks in the Citizens National Bank lobby in Maplewood.

Once completed, anyone can push the button to run the three vintage trains around the tracks for 15 minutes.

See more train photos on Maplewood-Brentwood Patch Facebook.

Organizer Moe Berk said the group has set up the trains downtown at 7th Street and Locust Avenue for 25 years.

He said each person there is just listening to the 11-year-old boy inside of them.

He said their motto, 'for the fun of it,' covers a multitude of sins.

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