Jul 28, 2014

Sports Attic on Craigslist Before the Fire, Still for Sale

Owner Joe Droege's plans for the site haven't been made public. The cleanup schedule was set back because a check was made to the wrong party.

Sports Attic on Craigslist Before the Fire, Still for Sale Sports Attic on Craigslist Before the Fire, Still for Sale Sports Attic on Craigslist Before the Fire, Still for Sale

The was for sale when it burned on April 13.

Commercial Realty Advisors of America, represented by Regional Director Ron Kramer, had the listing for the Sports Attic before it burned, and still does.

The asking price was $895,000 before the fire, as advertised on Craigslist.

Kramer said the current asking price will be adjusted, and he'd still like to sell the property. He said he's waiting to talk with the property's owner Joe Droege about a price.

The day of the fire, though, Droege told Patch he'd like to rebuild. Also, Brentwood City Assistant Administrator, Ellen Rottjakob, said the owner has inquired with the city about the possibility of rebuilding.

Jill Droege, a Maplewood business owner and Droege's sister, doesn't know his plans, she said. Another sister in the area, Joan Droege, hasn't taken calls from Patch.

Joe Droege hasn't answered or returned calls from Patch. He lives in Farmington, MO. Jill Droege said he has stopped taking calls.

Droege does business as Joe & Joes Enterprises LLC, as the owner of the Sports Attic.

He has received a check from his insurance company for his destroyed business.

Brentwood City Assistant Administrator Ellen Rottjakob said Droege delivered 10 percent of the insurance check to the City on June 6. Per city code and state statute the city holds it in escrow until the clearance project is completed.

At the June 11 Brentwood Board of Aldermen meeting, Rottjakob said the amount of the check delivered to the city was $86,101.06, which means the insurance check Droege got for his property totaled $861,010.60.

As of a June 21 report Rottjakob shared with the Brentwood Board of Aldermen, and Patch on Friday, Droege has contracted a company to install a fence around the debris by June 27.

The demolition contractor, AALCO, is still working to obtain the permits from St. Louis County. Asbestos is on the site, and needs to be properly removed.

AALCO is to notify all property owners within 300 feet one week before the cleanup starts.

The work schedule was set back because the 10 percent escrow amount was initially made out to St. Louis City by mistake.

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