Jul 27, 2014

District Honors Retirees and Outstanding Employees

The district's annual recognition night was May 2.

District Honors Retirees and Outstanding Employees

The Mehlville School District honored its staff in a 32-year tradition May 2 when the annual recognition night drew more than 375 employees and community members. 

“This was not only a celebration for our honorees, but also a celebration for all who have dedicated themselves to education through their career or while volunteering in our schools,” said Superintendent Dr. Eric Knost in a district release. “These folks forge significant differences in the lives of children, and it's appropriate for us to honor and celebrate their commitments."

's Pat Erxleben was recognized for 40 years of service with the district. 

Congratulations to the following staff members and volunteers who were honored at this year’s Recognition Night:

Teachers of the Year 

Each school selects a teacher from staff nominations to be honored as its Teacher of the Year.

  • John Cary Early Childhood:  Karen Block, Early Childhood Special Education
  • Beasley Elementary: Michelle Hubbard, First Grade
  • Bierbaum Elementary: Kathy Medina, Third Grade
  • Blades Elementary: Jill Hudson, Fourth Grade
  • Forder Elementary: Andrea Oberlander, Kindergarten
  • Hagemann Elementary: Amy Greffet, Fifth Grade
  • Oakville Elementary: Julie Bell, Second Grade
  • Point Elementary: , First Grade
  • Rogers Elementary: Jodie Donze, Second Grade
  • Trautwein Elementary: Christina Peterman, First Grade
  • Wohlwend Elementary: , Music
  • Bernard Middle: Robert Post, Communication Arts
  • Margaret Buerkle Middle: Cathy Helfrich, Technology Literacy
  • Oakville Middle: Jennifer Rich, English Language Arts
  • Washington Middle: Gaby Naus, Art
  • Mehlville High: Michael Hodapp, Special School District - Social Studies
  • Oakville High: Rick Seim, Social Studies
  • SCOPE: Jennifer Sikich, Social Studies

District Teacher of the Year

This teacher was selected by the district’s administration to represent Mehlville in the Missouri Teacher of the Year program sponsored by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Classified Employees of the Year

Each building selects an employee from staff nominations to be honored as its Classified Employee of the Year. 

  • John Cary Early Childhood: Joan Cooper, Paraprofessional
  • Beasley Elementary: Pat Erxleben, Secretary
  • Bierbaum Elementary: Dave Clark, Head Custodian
  • Blades Elementary: Tim Woods, Special School District - Paraprofessional
  • Forder Elementary: Elizabeth Keeton, Special School District - Teacher Assistant
  • Hagemann Elementary: Whitney Shepherd, Custodian
  • Oakville Elementary: Kiki Karmi, Nurse
  • Point Elementary: Pam Burton, Special School District - Paraprofessional
  • Rogers Elementary: Tammy Dulle, Cafeteria Recess Monitor
  • Trautwein Elementary: Nancy Becker, Nurse
  • Wohlwend Elementary: Joann Fernandez, Special School District - Paraprofessional
  • Bernard Middle: Carl Lampe, Custodian
  • Margaret Buerkle Middle: Susan Abernathy, Secretary
  • Oakville Middle: Gerri Gettings, Evening Custodian
  • Washington Middle: Micki Shoults, Cafeteria Manager
  • Mehlville High: Kelly Brown, Head Custodian
  • Oakville High: Lynn Britt, Secretary
  • SCOPE: John Klevorn, Custodian
  • Central Office: Rita Brindley, Receptionist
  • Jefferson Barracks: Roger Allen, General Maintenance
  • Transportation: Joe Huster, Shop Manager 

Employee Service Awards

Each year employees are honored for reaching milestones in their service to the district. 

20 Years of Service

  • Blades Elementary: Christina Tinker, Fifth Grade
  • Blades Elementary: Renee Zerwig, Fourth Grade
  • Forder Elementary: Margie Shaughnessy, Reading Specialist
  • Hagemann Elementary: Phyllis Ackfeld, Second Grade
  • Hagemann Elementary: Amy Hawkins, First Grade
  • Rogers Elementary: Cathy Black, Physical Education
  • Bernard Middle: Sandra Baumgarten, School Food & Nutrition Services Technician
  • Bernard Middle: Shirley Bozler, School Food & Nutrition Services Technician
  • Bernard Middle: Vicki Winter, Science
  • Oakville High: Jean Pfeifer, Science
  • Oakville High: Paula Martin, Music Vocal
  • Oakville High: Donna Unterreiner, Librarian
  • Central Office: Linda Boyher, Interdistrict Services Secretary
  • Central Office: Mary Ann McKinney, School Food & Nutrition Services Coordinator
  • Jefferson Barracks: Yvonne Morris, Director of Learning Resources/Instructional Technology 

25 Years of Service

  • John Cary Early Childhood: Gail Schilling, Parents as Teachers
  • John Cary Early Childhood: Victoria Sullivan, Early Childhood Special Education
  • Oakville Elementary: Lori Irvin, Second Grade
  • Oakville Elementary: Mary Kernen, Second Grade
  • Trautwein Elementary: Yvette Bosma, School Food & Nutrition Services Technician
  • Margaret Buerkle Middle: Cynthia Eatherton, Language Arts
  • Mehlville High: Michael Ghormley, Mathematics
  • Mehlville High: Susan Hurt, Physical Education

30 Years of Service

  • Bierbaum Elementary: Betty O'Brien, Reading Specialist
  • Blades Elementary: Ginny Wolschlager, School Food & Nutrition Services Technician
  • Point Elementary: Kathy Langreder, Second Grade
  • Point Elementary: Chris Wilson, Instructional Technology Assistant
  • Oakville Middle: Steven Wymore, Industrial Arts
  • Central Office: Steven Lee, Information Technology Director

40 Years of Service

  • Beasley Elementary: Pat Erxleben, Secretary

10-Year Volunteers

District schools nominate individuals who have donated their time and efforts to the serving the District and its students for at least 10 years.

  • Trautwein Elementary: Nancy Otso
  • Mehlville High: Sandy Maulin


The District honors its retiring teachers and staff members for their dedication and service to the District and its students throughout their careers.

  • John Cary Early Childhood: Kathie Fuchs, Principal
  • John Cary Early Childhood: Gail Schilling, Parent Educator
  • Beasley Elementary: Pat Erxleben, Secretary
  • Blades Elementary: Janet Boehm, School Food & Nutrition Services Technician
  • Point Elementary: Suzanne Ehrlichmann, Vocal Music
  • Point Elementary: Susan Gould, School Food & Nutrition Services Technician
  • Point Elementary: Sheila Murphy, Guidance
  • Point Elementary: Lisa Roddy, Kindergarten
  • Point Elementary: Chris Wilson, Instructional Technology Assistant
  • Rogers Elementary/Forder Elementary: Susan Kettler, Librarian
  • Trautwein Elementary: Kathy Shelton, Fifth Grade
  • Bernard Middle: Phil Milligan, Principal
  • Oakville Middle: Allyson Maupin, Social Studies
  • Mehlville High: Suzanne Duffey, Mathematics
  • Oakville High: Danny Dillard, Custodian
  • Central Office: Judy David, Secretary
  • Central Office: Dr. Connie Hurst-Bayless, Assistant Superintendent - Curriculum
  • Jefferson Barracks: Mary Blessing, Technology Trainer
  • Jefferson Barracks: Thomas Voss, Groundskeeper
  • Transportation: Harriet Hopkins, Bus Monitor
  • Transportation: Sharon Schmelig, Bus Monitor

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