Jul 28, 2014
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Drivers Hit MoDOT Trucks Fixing Potholes

MoDOT reports road crews are averaging a six-hour response time, but urges drivers to pay attention as road crews are still working.

Drivers Hit MoDOT Trucks Fixing Potholes Drivers Hit MoDOT Trucks Fixing Potholes Drivers Hit MoDOT Trucks Fixing Potholes

The  said it's making progress with its aggressive focus on potholes after  at the beginning of March.

MoDOT has responded to more than 100 reported potholes since the program began March 2 and crews have patched reported potholes within six hours on average, MoDOT stated in a news release. 

However, the department reported that drivers have hit three MoDOT trucks while crews were out repairing potholes this month. Crews will continue to be out working so motorists are urged to maintain the speed limit, stay alert and watch for road crews.

MoDOT committed crews around the St. Louis area to filling reported potholes on interstates and state numbered and lettered routes within 24 hours of it being reported on weekdays. 

MoDOT continues to ask drivers to report potholes as soon as they notice them by calling 888 ASK-MoDOT or by visiting  modot.org.

The goal is to fill the potholes while they are small and make roads safer across the area. 

"With motorists’ help reporting potholes, crews are able to patch them early and get the asphalt mix in while the hole is still small before it needs a major repair," a MoDOT release stated. "As each pothole is reported, it saves money and resources for the state."

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