Jul 29, 2014

Gift Ideas to Help Unplug, Recharge

Not every gift this season has to come with a battery charger.

Gift Ideas to Help Unplug, Recharge

In this increasingly digitalized world, we can’t go anywhere without packing the chargers, the battery packs, the DVDs and the game systems. But what happens when the power goes out? How do we escape from it all? Yes, there truly is life and entertainment outside of the electrically-charged world. Here are a few gift ideas to help friends and family unplug and recharge.

Check out Barnes and Noble in St. Peters for the newest bestsellers or tried-and-true classics. Bookstores’ shelves are stocked with adventures waiting beyond the front cover. Have a traveler in your posse? Check out the travelogues. So your mother-in-law is hooked on reality TV shows? You’ll find plenty of drama in the fiction section. Nothing beats cozying up in front of the fireplace with a book.

Board games
Classics like Monopoly, Clue, Scrabble and Uno are always great choices, and the perfect way to spend quality family time. Local gift shops or the Chamber of Commerce might even have board games specific to your region. Hasbro has licensed many versions of its Monopoly games for university and other regions. Check local university bookstores or online at Amazon.com to find them. Got a card shark in the family? Find or print out a list of new card games to try, tuck them in with a new deck of playing cards, and watch what happens.

Concert tickets
For the music lover in your life, it might be hard to part with the MP3 player or iPod, but they’d easily hand them over for the chance to hear their favorite musicians live. Whether their music listening tends towards rock ‘n’ roll or opera, the options are limitless. Check out the St. Charles Family Arena schedule for upcoming acts or peruse Ticketmaster.com.

Dinner out
Mom might be a great cook, but even great cooks want a night away from the kitchen. A gift certificate to her favorite restaurant might be a perfect addition to the menu. 

Maybe you’ve got someone in your family who loves the History or Discovery channels. What better way from them to unplug and recharge than through fun educational classes? St. Charles Community College and school districts often offer adult continuing education classes, everything from guitar lessons to photography classes. Got a Dancing with the Stars fan? Dance lessons at the local dance studio might be just the ticket. Cooking classes are another option.

Exercise pass
For some, the perfect way to recharge is through exercise. If you’ve got a fitness buff in the family, a pass to try the latest exercise class might be just what they would love to recharge. Check the local YMCA or the Renaud Spirit Center for class passes and other deals.

Maid to Order
There’s never time to unwind and recharge when the house is a mess. Help unplug that vacuum by giving the gift of a house cleaner for the day. 

Spa Gift Certificates
The ultimate in an unplugged excursion. No cell phone, no computer, just relaxation. Manicure and pedicures are another great idea.

Weekend getaway
Give your loved ones a chance to get away from it all. With tickets in hand or a hotel room booked, it’s a lot harder to give excuses as to why they can’t unplug. You might not be able to confiscate the cell phone, but you can give them the chance to find relaxation away from the daily routine. 

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