Jul 29, 2014
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Letter to O'Fallon City Council From Santa

O'Fallon resident Jim Frain shares a letter from Santa addressed to the city council, mayor and staff.

Letter to O'Fallon City Council From Santa Letter to O'Fallon City Council From Santa Letter to O'Fallon City Council From Santa Letter to O'Fallon City Council From Santa

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In my capacity as a friend of Santa Claus, he has asked me to pass on his thoughts to all of you at the City of O'Fallon.  - Thanks, Jim Frain


Hello Boys and Girls on the City Council, Mayor Hennessy, City Administrator Reisberg and All of the employees of the City of O'Fallon.

I've been watching and listening to your efforts for the residents of O'Fallon. Overall, I'm pleased with what you have done in 2012. As I made my list, and checked it twice,  I have found out who's been naughty or nice.  

Let me share my check list with you.

1. TO THE CITY COUNCIL...You all get along much better than ever before. Santa used to read about your problems in the papers...goodness gracious, you folks fought about everything and it made your city look bad.  Now, that doesn't happen anymore, at least not much!  Keep working hard for the residents of O'Fallon and not for yourselves....After all, you're public servants, right?

2. TO MAYOR HENNESSY and STAFF...What a remarkable job you have done to bring a lifetime of smiles to my special friend Brendan...His playground is magnificent.  So many happy children there every day - it's wonderful for Santa to see the fun they all have there - they make new friends - they share smiles - their parents are happier than ever - and it's for everyone...everyone!  Santa is very proud of all of you, but especially Mayor Hennessy.  Now Billy, don't blow it in the next few days.

3. CHIEF JOACHIMSTALER AND THE MEN AND WOMEN OF THE POLICE DEPARTMENT... I am usually busy making sure that my elves are working hard making toys for the boys and girls of the world, or finishing my "honey-do" list for Mrs. Claus.  But, I did hear that O'Fallon is the second safest city in the country in which to live.  WOW!  Santa is very impressed and proud.  Every member of the police department will be well taken care of by Santa this year.

4. SO MANY CITY DEPARTMENTS HAVE MADE SANTA CHUCKLE AND SMILE THIS YEAR... Santa loves those beautifully painted recycling trucks and the drivers are doing a great job.  The garbage rates are low now and Santa knows they will go lower if more O'Fallon residents will recycle.  

Santa is not happy with those residents who throw their recycling in with the trash. Mark my words, I have your names and unless it changes, your Christmas will not be as bright as expected if you don't recycle.
Santa also likes the smoother streets that your street department is creating in so many subdivisions.  Keep up the good work.

Santa also loves good parks so that the boys and girls and their families can have fun.  I love your parks and Santa asks you to keep building more and making them even nicer.
Santa remembers the terrible flooding problems in the past and I am very happy that these storm water problems are being taken care of.  

Santa loves the smiles that he sees around O'Fallon City Hall.  I like that you work well together, you care about the residents and you want to do a good job, with many of you doing a great job.
Yes, Santa is very proud of all of the city employees because I know that they work hard. Never stop working hard and I will see to it that there will be a little something extra for you under your tree.

Santa knows that things are not perfect in O'Fallon and there is always more work to be done.  Never give up, give in or give out.  Santa supports you.
Santa has wishes for O'Fallon too...I wish that more residents would become involved with their city - I wish that more residents would volunteer a few extra hours a week to their city - I wish that residents would go to city meetings to find out what is happening in O'Fallon - I wish that every resident would vote, every time - I wish that all city issues were understood by residents when they voted. Santa wants you to vote, every one of you.

Santa will remember you on Christmas Eve with a special gift when you show your love and concern for O'Fallon.  Santa will also remember those who do not pay any attention to what goes on in their city.

Santa wants to remind you that as a resident of O'Fallon you need to love one another, do what is right, speak your mind, study hard, play harder, have fun with your family and friends and always help your neighbor.

Merry Christmas O'Fallon - Santa Loves You!

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