Jul 29, 2014

No Plans to Cancel Annual Fireworks Displays in O'Fallon

Professional fireworks displays are still scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday at the Heritage and Freedom Fest.

No Plans to Cancel Annual Fireworks Displays in O'Fallon

While some cities discuss canceling fireworks displays for next week, due to the excessive heat, the still plans on celebrating the .

Tom Drabelle, O'Fallon director of communications, said on Friday that the city has no plans of canceling the annual fireworks displays.

"In fact, we’re reminding people to come watch them rather than even think of taking the very dangerous step of shooting them off at home," he said. "This year’s drought makes it even more important that residents leave the fireworks to the professionals. So, please come on out to Heritage and Freedom Fest and enjoy an incredible – and safe – fireworks display!"

In O'Fallon, it is illegal to buy, sell, posses or shoot off displays. The  features two professional fireworks shows:

  • 10:15 pm. on July 3
  • 9:30 p.m. on July 4 

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