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Powered by Hope: The Teri Griege Story

Powered by Hope: The Teri Griege Story

It is a story of unspeakable courage, of staring down alcoholism and cancer and beating the odds, of proving that anyone can achieve their dreams if they have hope.


Powered by Hope is the story of Teri Griege, a St. Louis wife, mother of two and inspiration to millions. Despite being diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer, Teri continued to pursue her life’s dream to compete in the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. Throughout the months of chemotherapy, radiation treatments and surgeries, she continued to train, overcoming exhaustion, nausea and naysayers, determined to show the world that cancer wasn’t going to stop her from training, from racing, and from living.


Powered by Hope describes her journey, from earlier battles with alcohol to the devastating news from her oncologist and her subsequent decision not to let it slow her down.


At age 50, Teri crossed the finish line in Kona and became a symbol of hope and inspiration for everyone facing any type of challenge in their lives. As Teri writes” “Everyone has a cancer. Everyone has a dream.”



An Excerpt from Powered by Hope:


“When I see people going through a hard time—myself included—I want to tell them never to give up. Because anything really is possible, whether it be a miracle, a cure, or an option we can’t even imagine. No matter what our struggles are, we can all live full lives. We can use our cancer, whatever it may be, as a platform for victory… For true inspiration comes through living and leading by example. It’s not about the big things. It’s about the small decisions we make every day. To embrace challenges. To tackle the unknown. To forgive ourselves. To forgive others. To choose adventure even when we are scared. To persevere even when it is very, very hard. To always move forward. Because extraordinary arises from ordinary situations, and the decisions we make when no one is looking determine what others see when we are thrown under the spotlight. Because we can settle or we can strive for something greater. Because we can be diagnosed or we can be commissioned.  The choice is up to us.”

To order the book or for more information: terigriege.com

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