Jul 30, 2014
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Must-have Apps for Every Lifestyle from Verizon Wireless

With 2 million apps to choose from across four operating systems and an estimated  131 billion appsprojected to be downloaded in 2014, discussions at parties, sporting events and work functions often center around what apps others recommend. Choosing the right ones is no easy task.

Knowing that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to app selection, Verizon Wireless is launching theMust-have Apps series to help you find the apps that best fit your mobile lifestyle. The series will highlight top apps from celebrities, industry pundits and Verizon Wireless employees, forgoing the staples of Facebook, Instagram and productivity apps like calendars to uncover the hidden gems that will help enrich your hobbies, work or school life.

Kicking off the series are my must-have apps. As a professional communicator with a competitive streak and three kids in tow, the apps on my devices are as varied as my daily schedule:

  • Life360 – Much to my children’s chagrin, Life360 is a must-have app on all of our family devices. It is an easy way to communicate, but most importantly, it provides location information to know where each person is and when. I no longer have to wonder if the kids are home from school or if they made it to their after-school activity on time. They, in turn, can easily see if I’m running late to pick them up. It’s all there, all the time in real time.
  • Candy Crush – You can count my games among the estimated  700 million played each day. I was told, “Friends don’t let friends play Candy Crush.” I should have listened. My addiction to the game is creeping into my limited sleep time and wrestling my attention away from my other game addiction,  Words With Friends.
  • Stack the States and  Stack the Countries – I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about geography until I downloaded these games for my kids. While they have definitely helped them in school, I’m proud to say that I can just as easily locate Chad and Vanuatu as I can China or Venezuela. Check out one of these apps to see how you stack up.
  • Swype – When using the voice feature isn’t an option there is no quicker way for me to respond to email, post an update or send a text message. Swype gives me the speed I need to get my messages out and move on to the next thing.
  • Dictionary – Whether I’m searching for just the right word at the office or helping my kids with their homework, the Dictionary app gets a daily workout on my smartphone. 

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