Jul 26, 2014
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St. Charles Man Struggles with Cops, Charged with Making Meth

The man had violated probation and had a pending meth case, according to court documents.

St. Charles Man Struggles with Cops, Charged with Making Meth

A man fought with detectives Monday as they sought to question him.

Gary Glenn McConnell, 53, of the 2400 block of Chesstal Street in St. Charles, was charged Tuesday with making methamphetamine and assaulting an officer.

A task force member said that McConnell walked out of his home as detectives pulled up in front of his home. Detectives wearing badges around their necks identified themselves and approached him. McConnell walked quickly toward his car, opened the door and dove in, a detective said in the report.

Detectives ordered him out of the car, but he tried putting the car into drive. As detectives were removing him from the car, McConnell swung a glass beer bottle at a detective, hitting him in the arm, the report said.

A task force member wrote that McConnell appeared to be under the influence of a central nervous system stimulant as he fought to keep detectives from handcuffing him.

According to the report, officers found one full box and one empty box of pseudoephedrine in McConnell’s car. He told officers he intended to use the cold medicine to make meth.

McConnell had a pending meth case from May 2, when he was arrested for attempting to make meth, and had violated his probation, a detective said.

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