Jul 30, 2014
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Tattoo Parlors Not Welcome in St. Charles

St. Charles City Council considered a bill to allow piercing and tattoo parlors in the city, but it failed to get enough votes.

Tattoo Parlors Not Welcome in St. Charles Tattoo Parlors Not Welcome in St. Charles

Tattoo establishments have not been allowed in the city of St. Charles for years and won’t be allowed anytime in the immediate future.

on Tuesday failed to approve a proposal to allow tattoo parlors in certain areas of the city on a 4-6 vote. 

The bill would have allowed the tattoo parlors to locate in areas zoned C2, but the business would have be located at least 300 feet from a residential district and would not be allowed on Main Street.

Before the vote, bill sponsor David Beckering, Ward-7, pointed out that even if tattoo parlors were allowed they would have had to get approval for a conditional use permit from the city council. 

Councilman Richard Veit, Ward-1, said after the bill was initially introduced, people pointed out concerns and the bill was amended, which made it better.

“We can’t let our personal preferences restrict, basically, what is trade here,” he said. “We are a city, we try to offer every option that we can. All things for all people.”

Mayor Patti York said she doesn’t see why the council would prohibit tattoo parlors on Main Street, but allow them one street away in a nearby historic district. She said she would prefer if tattoo parlors were to be allowed that they be located “out in the hinterlands and not in the districts we really want to protect.”

during previous board meetings, citing concerns about a tattoo parlor having a negative impact on nearby property values.

Voting against the bill were council members Mike Kneemiller, Ward-4, Larry Muench, Ward-2, Bridget Ohmes Ward-10, Jerry Reese, Ward-6, Ron Stivison, Ward-9 and Mike Klinghammer, Ward-8.

Council members Richard Veit, Ward-1, Mike Weller, Ward-5, David Beckering, Ward-7, Laurie Feldman, Ward-3, voted in favor of the bill.

The decision leaves Wentzville as the only city in St. Charles County to allow tattoo and piercing studios. A few shops have been grandfathered into other cities through annexation. Other tattoo parlors are in unincorporated parts of St. Charles County. 

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