Jul 25, 2014

Holiday Eating: Use Smaller Portion Sizes

Our dietician says to enjoy the tastes of the season - just do it in moderation.

Holiday Eating: Use Smaller Portion Sizes

Holiday eating is often a time of lots of cookies and candy and eating on the run, two behaviors that can pose a challenge to a goal of healthy eating. Have no fear you can enjoy your holiday treats and still keep a healthy eating plan. 

If you’re spending the next two weeks baking for holiday parties you know that cookies, cakes, bars and candy are plentiful not only in your house but also at work—after all that’s where we take those “too many to keep” items.

Manage your sweet eating by trying these tips.

  • Make cookies, muffins, and cakes in smaller portions to help you keep calories more manageable.
  • Top cookies with some sugar, either white or holiday colored, but remember that it is a topping and doesn’t need to cover the whole cookie.
  • Plan how you want to add these sweets to your day—one a day, one after every meal—whatever your plan you now know how to manage intake.
  • Take time to enjoy these holiday favorites rather than grabbing them and eating them too quickly—Savor the Flavor.

When it comes to grabbing meals on the run, studies show that we make poorer food choices and we eat more when we aren’t focused on what we are eating. If your day is packed with work, decorating, baking and shopping make sure you keep some time in the day to fuel your body.

Plan for a “fuel” break every 3-4 hours throughout your day and each time you refuel include some protein and some carbohydrate. A bowl of soup with beans or meat is good on a cold day and helps us feel full longer. A snack of yogurt and fruit provides some hydration, protein and energy boosting carbohydrates; adding a cookie to the snack is a good portion control method and a sweet addition.

Enjoy the Holidays—They only come once a year!

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