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St. Peters General Election Guide

The candidates, incumbents and issues that will affect St. Peters and St. Charles County.

St. Peters General Election Guide

As we look ahead to November’s election, St. Peters Patch is devoted to bringing you the information you need about every race in town. Here's our start on the candidates and issues we'll be covering as November draws near. 

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Candidates from every race impacting St. Peters voters have been invited to load their campaign's profile on Patch.

In some cases, campaigns did not respond and the information has been gathered by a Patch editor. It is not too late to upload your campaign's data here. Campaigns have 24 hours to check their submissions before they are published on Patch.

Local Races

St. Charles County Council:


  • District 4: Michael Lloyd Boyd, Democrat, will face David Leon Hammond, Republican.
  • District 6:Incumbent Jerry W. Daugherty, Democrat, will face St. Charles City Councilman Michael Klinghammer, Republican, in November. 

State House of Representative Candidates: 

The map was redrawn for the State House districts this year. Read our earlier coverage of the change here.

  • District 64: Democract incumbent Wayne J. Henke will face Robert Cornejo, Republican.
  • District 65: Republican Anne Zerr, incumbent in the 18th district, will face John R Alsup, Libertarian, in November. 
  • District 103: Douglas Funderburk, Republican, is unopposed. 
  • District 104: Terry Lesinski, Democrat, will face Kathie Conway, Republican.
  • District 105: Republican  Mark Parkinson, incumbent in 16th district, will face Democrat Debbie Bixler in November. 
  • District 106: Republican Chrissy Sommer, incumbent in 15th district, will face Democrat Morton Todd. 
  • District 107: Ron Hicks, Republican, will face Rod Hoffman, Democrat.


  • Proposition Cares: In order to prevent the closure of fire stations, the layoffs of fire fighter/EMTs, and to provide necessary fire, rescue, and EMS training, replace out of date equipment, and to meet national minimum staffing and safety standards in this Fire Protection District, which serves the cities of Weldon Spring and Cottleville as well as portions of St. Peters, O’Fallon, Dardenne Prairie and unincorporated St. Charles County, in the State of Missouri, shall the Board of Directors of the Cottleville Fire Protection District be authorized to levy an additional tax of not more than twenty seven (27) cents per one hundred (100) dollars assessed valuation, the revenues from which shall be deposited in the general fund and used for the support of the district? (Vote yes or no)


Statewide Candidates

U.S. Senate

Democratic Candidate 

  • Claire McCaskill

Republican Candidates 

  • Todd Akin

Libertarian Candidate

  • Jonathan Dine

Claire McCaskill's bid for re-election will be closely watched by the entire nation in part because of her close ties to President Obama's 2008 campaign. 

Read our earlier coverage of this race: 

Akin Will Face McCaskill in November Senate Race


Redistricting brought on by the latest Census results has eliminated one of Missouri's congressional districts. 

U.S. Representative in Congress, 2nd District

Democratic Party

  • Glenn Koenen

Republican Party

  • Ann Wagner

Libertarian Party

  • Bill Slantz


  • Anatol Zorikova

Read our earlier coverage of this race: 

  • UPDATE: Glenn Koenen Wins Democratic Nomination for 2nd Congressional District
  • Ann Wagner Wins Republican Nomination for 2nd Congressional District

U.S. Representative in Congress, 3rd District

Democratic Party

  • Eric C. Mayer

Republican Party

  • Blaine Luetkemeyer

Libertarian Party

  • Steven Wilson

Missouri Governor 

Republican Candidates

  • Dave Spence

Democratic Candidates

  • Jay Nixon

Libertarian Candidates

  • Jim Higgins

Lieutenant Governor

Republican Candidates

  • Peter Kinder

Democratic Candidates

  • Susan Montee

Libertarian Party

  • Matthew Copple

Constitution Party

  • Cynthia Davis

Read our earlier coverage here:

  • Lt. Gov. Kinder Wants to Unite Republicans Statewide by Nov. 6

Secretary of State 

Republican Party

  • Shane Schoeller

Democratic Party

  • Jason Kander

Libertarian Party

  • Cisse W. Spragins

Constitution Party

  • Justin Harter

Read our earlier coverage here:

Sen. Rupp Loses Republican Nomination to Rep. Schoeller

State Treasurer

Republican Candidate

  • Cole McNary

Democratic Candidate

  • Clint Zweifel

Libertarian Party

  • Sean O'Toole

Attorney General

Republican Party

  • Ed Martin

Democratic Party

  • Chris Koster

Libertarian Party

  • Dave Browning

Missouri Supreme Court

Ballot asks whether the following judges should be retained:

  • George W. Draper III

Missouri Court of Appeals Judges, Eastern District

  • Gary M. Gaertner
  • Sherri B. Sullivan
  • Robert Clayton
  • Lawrence E. Mooney

State issues


  • Proposition A, which if passed, would put the City of St. Louis Police Department under local control.
  • Constitutional Amendment 3, would reform the judicial selection process in Missouri at the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals level. Proponents of the amendment have abandoned their campaign for the measure, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported,  citing bias in the ballot language approved by Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan.
  • Proposition B, would increase tobacco taxes $0.0365 per cigarette and 25% of the manufacturer's invoice price for roll-your-own tobacco and 15% for other tobacco products, according to the ballot language. Estimated revenues of at least $283 million would fund public education in Missouri along with smoking prevention programs.
  • Proposition E would prohibit the Governor or any state agency, from establishing or operating state-based health insurance exchanges unless authorized by a vote of the people or by the legislature.

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