21 Aug 2014
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The Garden Club: All Around the Yard

A few simple things done now will go a long way in keeping up curb appeal all summer long.

The Garden Club: All Around the Yard The Garden Club: All Around the Yard The Garden Club: All Around the Yard The Garden Club: All Around the Yard

There are so many things to do in your yard and garden right now that will enhance the appearance of your yard and home. A nice lawn and landscaping can add value to your home and increase curb appeal dramatically.


If you fertilized and put down a crab grass pre-emergent more than six weeks ago, now is the time to put down a fertilizer and broadleaf weed control. This time of year, your lawn is using up stored energy and is in need of feeding.

Thick, healthy grass will help keep weeds to a minimum by not giving them a place to grow. Dave, who gave only his first name because he sells commercial fertilizers, suggests a trick to keeping lawns healthy and thriving.

“Fill a hose-end sprayer with a can of beer, a cup of mouthwash and a cup of ammonia. Adjust your settings and spray up to 2,500 feet of yard with that after you put down your fertilizer,” he said.

Unfortunately, broadleaf weeds are also at their peak of growing. Applying a broadleaf weed control will help keep the weeds at bay, making them less likely to invade your lawn later in the growing season. in St. Peters sells a variety of lawn food and broadleaf weed control.


Annuals, plants that die off after one growing season, are a great way to add a splash of color to your front yard landscaping. There are several that do well in the St. Peter’s area. Vinca, petunias, moss roses and zinnias are prime examples of flowers that thrive in our climate.

on Jungermann Road has a huge selection of plants and annuals to make a fresh addition to your landscaping. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and can help you design the perfect garden.


Now is the perfect time to plant tomatoes and cucumbers. Garden centers in St. Peters are full of small, potted plants ready to go into the ground. Most tomato varieties found in the garden centers are indeterminate, meaning they are vining tomatoes that will continue to bear fruit throughout the growing season.

Tomato cages made of wire are the easiest way to support tomato plants. These can be purchased at most home improvement centers and will keep your tomatoes off the ground.

If leaf lettuce or other salad greens are in your garden, be sure to pick up multiple seed packets. Once the lettuce seedlings emerge from the ground, sprinkle more seeds around the existing plants to ensure a continuous crop. Once harvested, many varieties do not continue growing.


Cilantro is thought to be a difficult herb to grow. In the hot St. Peters' summers, once the soil temperature is consistently over 75 degrees, cilantro has a tendency to bolt, flower and produce seeds. Continuous pruning is one way to combat bolting.

To ensure a steady crop of cilantro all season long, grab a few extra packets of cilantro seeds and replant seeds around the existing cilantro plants every two weeks. The existing plants will shade the new seedlings and give them a chance to thrive even in the hottest months.

Bulbs and Rhizomes

Once the blooms of bulbs and rhizomes (the iris is the most common garden rhizome), cut the flower stalk to the ground. Do not disturb the green foliage. These leaves produce the energy to keep the bulb and rhizomes healthy so the flowers come back year after year.

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