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Weird News: Drunk Man Seeks Breakup Solace from Arnold Police

A roundup of odd, unusual and head-scratching crimes in the St. Louis area.

Weird News: Drunk Man Seeks Breakup Solace from Arnold Police

Man Seeking Solace Over Girlfriend Troubles, Seeks Police Help, is Arrested for DWI

A 23-year-old Imperial man was arrested for DWI after driving to the Arnold Police Station in January in search of consolation.

The man drove to the back of the station, where only police vehicles are allowed, and asked to speak to an officer. One Arnold officer said: "He told officers he and his girlfriend just broke up and that he needed someone to talk to. Officers smelled heavy alcohol on his breath."

Police took the man into custody after conducting field sobriety tests, but the man would not submit to a breath test. Following booking, he was taken St. Anthony's Medical Center for making suicidal statements.

Burglar Foils Unsecure Security Camera

A burglar turned around a security camera and apparently deleted any potentially incriminating images Jan. 7 at a Fenton home after breaking into the residence by using a landscaping stone to break the front entry door sidelight. A coin collection was stolen. The homeowner told a sheriff's deputy she had left home at approximately 5:20 p.m. Upon her return said she observed the left front door side light was shattered and most of the glass removed, according to the deputy's report. Due to three previous burglaries in the recent past, The homeowner had placed a "trail cam" on a bookshelf after the previous burglaries, Police discovered the camera had been turned around facing the back of the shelving unit. A deputy said any images on the camera appeared to have been deleted by the burglar or burglars.

A Cross-Dressing Man Snatches Purse

A Maplewood man was accused Jan. 21 of grabbing a $500 Coach purse from an Enterprise Rent-a-Car employee in Maplewood. Police said the employee reported a car behind the business.  She told police a cross-dressing man opened the passenger-side door of her car, grabbed her purse and ran.

Shortly afterward police arrested a man at his apartment building a few blocks away. The woman’s wallet and credit cards were recovered.

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

A man faces a criminal charge after a St. Louis County police officer spotted him pulling into a South County Center parking lot in a stolen car, according to a police report.

A St. Louis County police officer spotted a 2005 Chevrolet Aveo pull into a parking spot at the mall and three men get out. A license plate check revealed the car had been reported stolen in the city of St. Louis.

The driver told the officer, “I didn’t drive here in no stolen car” before the officer mentioned the car had been reported stolen, according to the police report.

The officer also said the two passengers said they knew the car was stolen and were discussing that topic on the drive to the mall.

The man was charged with first-degree tampering with a vehicle.

At These Prices You Could Just Buy New Dishes

A man faces criminal charges for taking large fees from an elderly woman with Alzheimer' Disease for menial household chores, according to police in Maryland Heights. The 88-year-old woman gave the man $325 to $400 for doing the dishes, according to a police report.

The man admitted to police he received an excessive amount for the job he was doing, but said the woman gave the extra amount as a tip. He told police he was aware of the woman’s disability and limitation, according to the police report.

The man was was charged in January with financial exploitation of an elderly or disabled person, a class B felony.

The woman’s family initially noticed her car was missing. While investigating the missing car, family members, and later police, said they discovered the "dishwasher" had taken at least $3,610 from the woman for doing simple chores.

Nothing Good Can Come From Leaving Your Alcohol-Soaked Underwear at a Crime Scene

A man was arrested by Lambert-St. Louis International Airport security agents after he broke into a closed Pasta House restaurant, leaving his cell phone and alcohol-soaked underwear behind.

Airport Police said the man was caught on security cameras as he tore a security gate off its hinges Dec. 30 to get into the closed retaurant. An airport official said since it was late at night the area was deserted.

Airport Police said they discovered the man's  alcohol-soaked underwear, T-shirt and cell phone behind the restaurant’s bar.

Airport Police Chief Paul Mason said the man drank alcohol and spilled quite a bit of it while inside the restaurant. “This is all caught on videotape,” Mason said. “He took off his clothes, dressed again and exited the area.”

He left his underclothes, which were wet with alcohol, and his cell phone behind.

“He was very intoxicated when he arrested,” Mason said.

A Ski Mask Doesn't Help if the Intended Victim Has Already Recognized You

A man accused of robbing a convenience store in University City Dec. 29 apparently forgot that, as a regular customer, the store owner might recognize him. That's why he is said to have brought along a ski mask. But he initially walked into the store without wearing it, putting it only after he allegedly approached the counter, pointed a gun at the store owner and demanded cash.

Police said the store owner handed the robber $300 to $400 and the man left the store but someone witnessed the exit and recognized the man after he had  taken off the ski mask. The man was charged with first-degree robbery.

This is What Can Happen if You Drink a Bottle of Whiskey

A Valley Park man shot at his neighbor Jan. 29 after the neighbor said he did not want the man at his wedding, according to St. Louis County Police.

The man dis-invited wedding guest took the news poorly, argued with the groom-to-be and later pointed a handgun at him, pulling the trigger, police said. But the handgun misfired. “The next one is going in your head," the dis-invited guest reportedly said, pulling the trigger again but missing his intended target, according to police.

The two men were neighbors. The groom-to-be and the angry, jilted wedding guest had been at the groom-to-be's house all day. The neighbor allegedly consumed a bottle of whiskey and was then drinking beer and the two got into an argument. That's when the groom-to-be rescinded the neighbor's invitation to his wedding, which ultimately led to the gun incident.

When Landlords Go Bad

A St. Charles landlord is accused of assaulting his tenants to get them removed from his property and then keeping the rent and deposit money.

St. Charles Police said the landlord “established a pattern of scamming his tenants for the rent and deposit money, using the same scenario each time.”

St. Charles Police said the landlord intentionally instigated a fight in December by chasing his tenant down the hallway by pushing and chest-butting him. The landlord then called police to get the resident removed from his property.

Police said the landlord intended to keep the $400 in rent and $200 in deposit money, adding that he did the same thing to tenants on July 30 and Sept. 15.

Police wrote in a report: “McKee threatens and becomes physically violent with the tenant. He then calls the police and demands the tenant be made to leave. Each time, he assures police the tenant will be returned the deposit and reimbursed the unused portion of the rent.”

However, each of the former tenants reported to police the landlord did not return their rent or deposit money.

Police Might Have a Suspect if There IS a 'Next Time'

A North County woman drove her car into the yard of a home attempting to hit her boyfriend who was on a bicycle, according to St. Louis County Police.

The woman was charged with first-degree domestic assault.

An officer who witnessed the incident said the man avoided being hit by jumping off the bicycle and running. The woman hit the bicycle and started driving away, the St. Louis County police officer said. When stopped by police, the woman yelled at her boyfriend "I’m gonna get ya next time,” according to  police.


Man Steals 27 Scents From Beauty Store

A man selected 27 men’s fragrances Dec. 31 from Ulta Beauty, 185 Gravois Bluffs Blvd., Fenton, and left the store without paying for them.

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