20 Aug 2014
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Anne Allred: What's It Like to Work With Mike Bush on Local TV

Town and Country native moves back to St. Louis to be closer to family and friends and work for a highly-recognized network station.

Anne Allred: What's It Like to Work With Mike Bush on Local TV

Anne Allred, TV reporter and anchor departed her position with the morning news on WHDH News 7 in Boston after six years on the job. She has become co-anchor of the 5 o'clock news on KSDK-Channel 5 in St. Louis with Mike Bush. Allred talks about her education; her love of TV news and her coming back to her roots in St. Louis.

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This is part 1 of a 2 part interview. Check back to Town and Country-Manchester Patch for part 2. This is what she told Patch.com in a 1 on 1 extended interview. 

Patch.com: Welcome back to St. Louis. How are you adjusting to being back at home?

Anne Allred: The adjustment is going really well. This is really home. I know my way around for the most part. I was an intern at KSDK. KSDK feels a little bit like home. I was familiar where the ladies room was when I walked in the first day.

Patch: How would you rate the St. Louis TV market as compared to the Boston market?

AA: I think its similar but very different. The people are very different and the pace is very different. That East Coast mentality is just boom, boom, boom. There’s always a sense of urgency there. 

This is what I wanted to do. Coming back was ideal for me. I think KSDK is a fabulous station. 

Patch: What’s it like to work with Mike Bush. Is he fun? Is he demanding? How would you characterize the relationship?

AA: Mike is awesome. He is so dedicated and thorough and committed. He’s an amazing writer. He’s won dozens of awards. He just got this Silver Service Award from the National Association of Television Artists. 

I’m thrilled to be working with him. He’s been so welcoming and encouraging. Its been great. Sometimes, it can be competitive. Its always an adjustment when you get with a  new co anchor. You don’t know each other’s style. You have to anticipate when the other person is going to talk. You need to keep your mouth shut. You don’t want to be talking over each other.

There’s just a mojo that comes with time. You get to know what is going to come out of their mouth before they even say it.

He’s always saying “what works for you? How can we make this as easy and smooth as possible?" I felt so comfortable that very first show. He turned me and said “are you nervous. This is your big debut in your home town.”

No, not really. Halfway through the show he said: “You don’t seem really nervous at all. I’m really not.”

I’m really excited to work with him and to learn from him. He does make me laugh. He has a great sense of humor.

Patch: Lets talking about your schooling in St. Louis. What part did Villa Duchesne play in your life?

AA: When you are 18 you don’t appreciate your education like you should. Then you go away and you mature and think--what an impact? How lucky and blessed am I to have had parents who could afford that education and sacrificed so I could have that level of learning.

Obviously, the academics and the college prep was huge. I went to college (The Ohio State University) very prepared and also Villa instilled a sense of community and  philanthropy at a very young age and I was taught by my family foremost, but then by my teachers and administrators at Villa that God blesses you with many gifts and always give back and be thankful to the Lord by giving back.

I am very blessed that I was taught that at a young age. Also, again, my family and my education have always been so steadfast in my dedication to Catholicism and it has carried over to some very challenging times. I’ve always had a lot of faith to get me through absolutely everything in my life.

In Part 2, Anne Allred explains why she decided to become a television reporter and anchor and what it takes to get to this far in the business.

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