23 Aug 2014
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Manchester Resident Falls Victim to Identity Theft Bank Account Scam

Manchester detectives are investigating after a man received a letter from a bank telling him that his account was overdrawn.

Manchester Resident Falls Victim to Identity Theft Bank Account Scam

The following information was supplied by the . It does not indicate a conviction where an arrest was made.

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According to the Manchester Police Department, a resident from the 2800 block Carman Woods Drive reported the apparent scam on July 2. 

Captain Charles Hunn tells Patch that the man brought a letter to police that stated his bank account was overdrawn by $499.83. The account was with USAA Bank in San Antonio, TX. 

"They tell him he's got thirty days to pay it or he's going to mess up his credit," Hunn explained. "He said he's never had any dealing with the bank and didn't understand why he was receiving this letter."

Manchester detectives are now investigating. They've contacted USAA Bank and learned the letter was legitimately sent by the bank, but for accounts the Manchester resident never opened.

"His idently has been stolen and accounts have been opened at USAA Bank," Hunn said. "Someone bogusly opened those accounts using his stolen identity."

Further investigation revealed that someone actually opened five different accounts at the bank with credit cards using the Manchester resident's stolen identity, according to Hunn.

"This is an identity theft is what it is. Somebody is using this guy's name and his wife's name. I don't know how you use a credit card to open an account," Hunn tells Patch. "So they opened these accounts. They used the credit card to get a cash advance."

The Manchester resident knew nothing of the scam until he started receiving letters from the bank alerting him that accounts in his name were overdrawn.

The bank's fraud department is now investigating. Hunn said the man won't be held responsible and it won't affect his credit. However, what the resident still doesn't know is how or when his identity was stolen. 

"This guy doesn't know how anybody got his credit card info to open an account or got into his personal information to open this account," Hunn said. "It could be from out of the country. Somehow they got the date of birth, social security number, the complete pedigrees on the husband and wife and opened five accounts."

Anyone with information on this report or any crime is asked to contact the  at 636-527-9200.

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