Jul 29, 2014

Restaurant Inspections: Tokyo Steak House Reviewed; Marshall's Called for Follow-Up

Check out the round-up of Town and Country- and Manchester-area restaurants and see how they make the grade.

Restaurant Inspections: Tokyo Steak House Reviewed; Marshall's Called for Follow-Up
Restaurant inspections are conducted by the St. Louis County Department of Health. Patch has a summary of the public reports affecting area eating and drinking establishments reviewed in July.

Grade rankings range from A (highest) to C (lowest). Report comments and explanations are provided in Patch's summary. Follow-up inspections are noted, other visits are routine.

Tokyo Steak House, 61 Nationalway Shopping Center
Inspection Date: July 26
Grade: A (97)
Some foods not dated in walk-in cooler. Corrected. Some foods not covered in walk-in cooler. Food debris between cooking equipments. Food debris on wall in fryers area.

Marshall's Bistro, 17 Nationalway Shopping Center
Inspection Date: July 16
Grade: A (91)
Hand sink-kitchen-no towels provided. Facility not able to provide hepatitis A vaccine documentation for all employees. Follow up required July 29, 2013. Hepatitis A documentation not maintained in a clear and concise manner. Follow up required July 29, 2013. WI Cooler-internal thermometer not visible. 41 Can opener blade-food debris is present. Cooler-door gaskets-old food debris is present. Restroom-kitchen-no trash can present. Wet mop stored in dirty mop water-Must hang when not in use to dry properly-to help prevent bacteria growth. Now hanging.

Jimmy Johns, 14173 Manchester Road, Suite G
Inspection Date: July 18
Grade: A (100)
No comments.

India's Kitchen, 14222 Manchester Road
Inspection Date: July 30
Grade: A (97)
Person in charge will sign up for food safety class. Cooks Area--cutting board-discolored. Must be replaced/repaired.

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