Jul 26, 2014
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Town and Country Car Crash Victim Dedicated to Her Church

The family of Beverly Fabian, who died when her car struck a telephone pole, tells Patch she was a woman dedicated to her church and to helping others.

Town and Country Car Crash Victim Dedicated to Her Church

The funeral for  Beverly Fabian, near , was Saturday at Ballwin Baptist Church.

Fabian attended that church since 1971, according to her brother Ed Fabian.

"Beveryly was very church oriented and always about taking care of other people. Not a very materialistic person," Fabien tells Patch. "That's how she lived her life, always taking care of others."

According to , Beverly Fabian, 62, of the 1500 block of Foxleigh crossed the center line of South Mason Road and struck a telephone pole Wednesday. 

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Fabian was alone in the car at the time of the crash and investigators are trying to determine if a medical condition may have caused her to cross the center line and crash.

Her brother Ed Fabian tells Patch the family is still unsure of the exact cause of the accident.

"We're still kind of at a loss for that," Fabian explained. "There were no skid marks, the people behind her said she was not driving erratically. They said she just drifted across the road and hit the pole. We're thinking she had heart attack or stroke, but we just don't know."

Ironically, Beverly had just had been dropped of by another one of her brothers to pick up her car right before her accident.

"It was kind of devastation," Fabian explained of the family's reaction to the loss of Beverly. "My brother had just dropped her off because she had just had new tires put on. It was a five mile drive home and it was only another mile or so left to get home." 

Fabian said his sister was semi-retired and had been a travel agent most of her life.

"She loved crafts and Cardinals baseball," Fabian said. "If she wasn't helping somebody else, she was in church teaching Sunday school or singing in the choir. Just doing what she can to help other people."

As Fabian remembers his sister, he and his family wait for answers on what caused the crash that likely claimed her life.

"We still don't know yet," Fabian tells Patch. "She had diabetes, but it was under control. In fact, in the last couple of years she was in the best health of her life. But a heart attack or stroke is what we think."

Fabian also points out that although Beverly's church was her second family, she was not a very public person. He did not want to release a photo of his sister due to the risk of identity theft.

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