Jul 30, 2014
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Community Forum: Wofsey Congratulates Crow

A letter from Ward 1 candidate Carol Wofsey.

Community Forum: Wofsey Congratulates Crow

Friends and neighbors, 

Congratulations to Terry Crow on his re-election to the City Council. He and his supporters  ran a good race. I particularly want to congratulate him, and them, on keeping the First Ward election from becoming nasty or personal. I also want to congratulate Arthur Sharpe on his re-election to the Council and Paulette Carr on her Second Ward election.  

Early yesterday, I received a request from a supporter that if I was elected I would ensure that the Council always acted with transparency and that I would always act with humility in dealing with the concerns of constituents. I wish everyone on the City Council the best as they work to bring our community together while acting on these principles, and I hope that all of us support them in these efforts. 

University City continues to face hard issues — the great success of the Loop, which has also brought and will continue to bring the challenges that come with success, our schools, our crumbling infrastructure and accounting systems,  and, most important, how best to continue as a financially prosperous as well as vibrant and diverse community. These issues have not gone away with the election. I will continue to work on these issues and for the government  we all deserve.

Finally, I want to thank the many, many volunteers who worked on my campaign, the many, many people who donated their monetary and moral support, and the many, many residents who opened their homes to me and shared their concerns with me during this whole process. You are the best, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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