Jul 28, 2014

Friends of Wentzville Parks Foots Bill for Children to Play

Group also commits funds for basketball court at Progress Park, a batting cages and Easter egg prizes.

Friends of Wentzville Parks Foots Bill for Children to Play

Friends of Wentzville Parks will pay so kids can play.

Wentzville Parks Director Mary Jo Dessieux told the city’s Park Board Monday that not-for-profit parks group will provide $2,500 in scholarship money so underprivileged children can play in city-run sports leagues.

 “We’re creating an environment of inclusion where no child will be turned away, whether they’re from a family on hard times,” Greg Younger, president of Friends of Wentzville Parks, told Patch before the meeting.

“We’re providing the scholarships so no child is refused an opportunity to play soccer, baseball or any other sport the city offers,” he said.

“The scholarship has grown each year,” Dessieux said. “The first year, it was $900, it was $1,100 the next, and it was $2,200 last year.”

The Friends group didn’t stop with the scholarships.

Dessieux also announced Friend of Wentzville Parks committed to provide the following donations in 2012:

  • $4,000 to build an outdoor, concrete basketball court at Progress Park;
  • $5,000 to finish building batting cage;
  • $1,200 to buy prizes for the Easter egg hunt.

Together with the scholarship, that represents a $12,700 commitment from the parks group.

Dessieux said the half-court basketball area would be constructed so it can be converted to full court, and it will go where the sand volleyball court used to be.

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