14 Sep 2014
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New Year- New You... With a New Planner- FREE Printable for you!

New Year- New You... With a New Planner- FREE Printable for you! New Year- New You... With a New Planner- FREE Printable for you!

Starting a New Year always excites me! I have to admit I am like an little kid in a candy store when it comes to planning and setting up a fresh start! (I even suffer from 'New Year Insomnia' and create these crazy planner pages, ha!) I took some time this past year to design a daily planner page to help in productivity, goal setting and execution to see some of my lofty plans actually happen. I am sharing a   FREE DOWNLOAD  ***now with TWO versions*** of this Planner Page for you to try as well. I would love your feedback as you use it! There are multiple areas to help in your 2014 success: 

  • Agenda Section- allows you to plan each day in 30 min increments beginning at 5am and ending at 10pm
  • Menu Plan- map out all three meals and assign a child to help in planning, preparing, cooking and possibly even clean up for the day. This is a great bonding time as well as helping your children learn the basics of cooking and all that goes into planning it too!
  • Main Focus- assign a general task to each day
  • Example: 
  • Monday:  Bathrooms
  • Tuesday:  Bedrooms (or pick another area)
  • Wednesday:  Shopping/Errands
  • Thursday:  Kitchen
  • Friday:  Living Areas
  • Saturday:  Planning/Goal-Setting for the next week
  • Sunday:  Sorting + filing any paperwork, bills, etc. 
  • Must Do Today- an easy checklist to jot all 'to-do' items down. Take this one step further and assign an action step with it. (even if you only have 10 min somewhere along the day you can easily find a task to check off) Use the short line next to each task to assign the action step: 
    • G= Go- An errand to run outside/away the home
    • D= Do- An errand to do inside/at home
    • B= Buy- An item that has to be purchased 
    • C= Contact- An email to send or a call to be made
  • Self-Care- workout, planning and quiet time are as important as getting your daily recommended water. Practicing good self-care is important to optimizing your productivity and overall success. Just check each off as you go throughout the day as a reminder that YOU are important and must take steps to live a healthy lifestyle!
  • Notes- open area for brainstorming, blog ideas, reflection, verses, thoughts or anything your little heart desires :-)
  • Here's to the best YOU in 2014!

    CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD and start 2014 off with a bang... an organized bang! Print as many as you would like. I printed enough for 6 months and took it to my local office store and had them spiral-bound to carry with me and use everyday.

    You may also need some help with  goal planning or  menu planning/grocery shopping- Check out my other  FREE RESOURCES to help you get organized and create a Rockstar Life!


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