Jul 28, 2014

The Best of Next Generation

While columnist Joe Smith is away from his desk, we're rounding up his best thought-provoking opinion pieces.

The Best of Next Generation

Joe Smith's thoughtful Next Generation column is a favorite of many of our Wentzvile Patch readers. A few of his pieces have even gone viral!

Let's take a look back at some of his most popular columns. Click on any title to see the entire story.

  1. —I’d like to give you future boyfriends out there some advice: just go ahead and date someone else. It will probably be easier on both of us.
  2. — Your kid's no Michael Jordan, so stop pushing so hard.
  3. — One father's advice about teaching your son about sexuality.
  4. — Think back to how this little bundle of joy rocked your world with a step or word. Take yourself to a place when you wondered how you could have been so blessed with such an amazing child.
  5. — Columnist Joe Smith describes his teeter-totter emotions while watching a family member graduate from boot camp.

What topics would you like to see Joe Smith cover in upcoming Next Generation columns? Make your suggestions in the comments below.

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