Jul 29, 2014
Partly Cloudy

Nashua demonstration.

Last Saturday, there was a good sized demonstration with both sides of the gun control argument represented.  There were 12 or so anti-gun folks and 100 or so pro-gun folks.  It is nice to see that here in America, opposing sides of an argument can both be present and express themselves in a civil manner.  I read many of the signs, with different statistics displayed on the same subject, and talked to a few on both sides and there is one common thread amongst them all.  They believe that the violence in our country is a societal problem, they just disagree on how to solve it.  Personally, I know that soon, the U.N. small arms treaty will be signed by Sec St Kerry, and that Article 11 of the U.N. Charter will be enforced here by our own government (Disarmament and the worldwide regulation of arms.  It is coming, that is a fact, so the real question is, how will we live within it?

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