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Candidate Profile: Joe Sweeney

We will be profiling the candidates for state House and Senate for Salem.

Candidate Profile: Joe Sweeney

(Editor's note: Salem Patch is contacting candidates for the state House and Senate for Salem with a questionnaire, and their responses will be published as candidate profiles between now and the Sept. 11 primary. Disclaimer: Salem Patch will be publishing these responses as they are returned to us.)

NAME: Joe Sweeney

DATE OF BIRTH: Nov. 8, 1993

YOUR BACKGROUND/EDUCATION: Graduated Salem High Class of 2012, Class President, Student Body President, AF JROTC Corps Commander, Video Yearbook Producer, New Hampshire Association of Student Councils President.

EXPERIENCE/OCCUPATION: I have worked retail the past two summers at Leslie’s Pool Supplies and Services.


PERSONAL: I have lived in Salem, N.H. my entire life, attended Salem schools, and when I needed it, received special help from the school district for speech problems.  I have lived and experienced a diverse Salem life, one that gives me the ability to represent our town in Concord. 

Why are you running?

I want to help people.  That is my life goal.  So, how do I plan on doing this in Concord?  I believe reform must be brought to multiple state agencies, so that our neighbors who need the State for the court system or for health services can benefit from such programs.  We need these systems to be as efficient as possible, not only as a fiscally responsible choice, but as it is simple good humanity.  Simply shrinking programs is not a sign of success, however lessening the need for such programs is. 

We have also seen political careers rise and fall, and I want to stress to the voters that integrity matters, and integrity is something I have an abundance of and will use while serving the people of New Hampshire.

What is your stance on expanded gambling in New Hampshire?

I am supportive of Expanded Gambling; however it must be addressed in a way that will benefit the people of Salem.  We cannot just allow slots to go up; we must approach it as an educated populace and make sure we do not bring in unwanted crimes.  I do feel as if the state should put its faith in the Free Market and allow those that want to build one to build one.

How would you help stoke economic development in the state of New Hampshire?

We need to address our infrastructure problems that cause us to lose competition to Massachusetts while making it easier for businesses to grow here.  We have so many precious industries in New Hampshire that are nowhere else in the world that we must keep here while allowing new business to grow.

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