Jul 28, 2014
Heavy Rain

Five Things: Fiscal Cliff Avoided

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Five Things: Fiscal Cliff Avoided

1. TODAY'S FORECAST: A mostly sunny day with a high of 28 will make way for a freezing evening, with clear skies and a low of 10. Bundle up out there, folks!

2. CLIFF AVOIDED: The House and Senate have passed legislation to avoid a national "fiscal cliff" that would have seen spending cuts and tax increases on the middle class.

3. RESOLUTIONS THE HEALTHY WAY: On Monday we featured an article involving healthy New Year's resolutions. Find out how to maintain them, courtesy of the American Heart Association.

4. THIS DAY IN HISTORYOn this day in 1971, 66 football (soccer) fans are killed in a stampede at a stadium in Glasgow, Scotland, as they attempt to leave a game after a late goal by the home team. Initial reports suggested that the disaster was caused by fans returning to their seats after hearing of the last goal, but in fact it was simply the crush of spectators all leaving at the same time on the same stairway that led to tragedy. This was not the first time that disaster had struck the stadium.

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