15 Sep 2014
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LETTER: An Open Letter to Windham Republicans

Windham GOP Chair Travis Blais wrote to Windham Patch.

LETTER: An Open Letter to Windham Republicans

The following is a letter to the editor. To submit your own, email michael.ryan@patch.com

By Windham GOP Chair Travis Blais

Town elections can be a difficult time for unity among Windham Republicans.  Town politics is its own animal, with lifestyle, property, and personal interests cutting across traditional philosophical divisions.  Good conservatives often find themselves on opposing sides.  And just as the bloodiest war is a civil war, and the worst fight is a family fight, there is no level of politics that provokes such heated emotions as local politics.  

In a way, that's good; it shows the value and trust we put in local government.  Local government is the most important level of government.  It impacts our daily, family lives in ways that bureaucrats in distant capitals can only daydream about.  And we conservatives like it that way, keeping as much authority as close to the people as possible.  

As emotions cool, let's do 3 things.  First, let's thank all the candidates who volunteered to run for town office.  Windham's culture of volunteerism makes it a special place and should never be taken for granted.  We should always appreciate, and never discourage, whatever spirit leads a person to devote such time and energy to facilitate the lives of others. That's true whether that person is your mother or a school board member.  

Second, let's remember that Windhamites are neighborly and gracious, and they want their public servants to be the same way.  Our citizens will like, trust, and vote for candidates who reflect the values they aspire to for themselves and their kids. Moreover, the objective evidence is that Windham voters will react negatively to budget amendments they view as self-interested or campaign tactics they perceive as personal attacks.  

Third, let's unite for the important debate ahead in 2012.  New Hampshire Republicans have much to be proud of.  Saddled with an historic deficit, our Republican legislature balanced the budget without raising taxes.  Their efforts continue to promote prosperity through freedom and personal responsibility. Governor Lynch has obstructed many important economic and budget reforms, which means we must work together to put a Republican in the Governor's office.  In Washington, Charlie Bass and Kelly Ayotte are doing the work we sent them to do with faith and diligence.  Unshackling our national economy, and solving our fiscal crisis before it's too late, require electing Republicans to Congress and firing Barack Obama. It will take almost 70 million voters to get it done.  Not all will agree on every issue.  But we agree that conservative, frugal, limited government will make our state and nation a better place.  Let's shake hands and unite to make that a reality.  

All the best, 

Travis Blais

Chair, Windham Republican Town Committee

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