20 Aug 2014
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Cooking at Home: Butter So Good You'll Skip the Bread

Go ahead, indulge with these compound butters. We won't tell.

Cooking at Home: Butter So Good You'll Skip the Bread
Butter brings out the animal within. You know this if you've ever watched a toddler eat a slab of icy cold butter straight from the gold foil wrapping at a diner. You're repulsed and yet slightly envious all at once.

After you hit double digits, societal boundaries rule and you'd never allow yourself to indulge in such unbridled pursuit of flavor. Until you try compound butters. Watch this video and learn how to make easy DIY compound butters when you have a little extra time on your hands. Try them on bread, steak or with a spoon. We won't tell.

TELL US: Where in town do you go to indulge in a special treat?

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