15 Sep 2014
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Christie signs 2% Salary Arbitration Cap...

Teachers, Firefighters, CWA Workers, Corrections Officers, Police Officers, and other union First Responders...Please pay close attention to who is standing in support of this Bill. We know who is signing it, but he's going nowhere.

CC is Toast. Sweeney - you've shown us where you stand, and who with.

Meanwhile, where's the (Pension) money?

Voters, if you think the Democrat or Republican LEADERSHIP is your salvation, you are grossly misinformed.

Each one of those men can (legally) cast only one vote when they enter the voting booth.

The same as each of you.

There IS power in your vote - power to turn back the tide of bi-partisan failureship.

In District Three, my two so-called "major party" opponents are willingly wearing blinders - carefully avoiding discussing this and many other issues that stain both political parties with their past and present egregious action, or, worse - INACTION. That these two weaklings would be the two choices you're supposed to pick from is a falsehood spread by the media. There are FOUR candidates in the race.

GILMORE'S puppet - Tom MacArthur

NORCROSS' puppet - Aimee Belgard

Robert Edward Forcion, another independent, know as "NJWeedman"

and a fiscal conservative/social moderate with no party handcuffs...

That would be me.

Both Parties have broken faith with the voters, and have done so with hubris - joking amongst themselves over just how powerful they are...show them YOU know, and you will no longer stand for such hubris.

Our children in our public schools are being short-changed while funds are diverted to private "investment". The unions that protect our workers are being dismantled. The natural resources we hold dear and have fought in the courts and the State House to protect are being prepared for sale to the highest bidder. The coffers containing YOUR tax dollars have been mismanaged, at best, and pillaged, at worst. Patronage appointments and Pensions are sucking the budget dry. No-Bid Contract kickbacks and bond fees further fuel the decline of our State, and the sharp rise in property taxes...not COLA adjustments for those who protect and serve.

"They" (the machine politicians) don't care - as long as they get theirs (which is actually yours) before everyone figures out what was really going on all along. "It's a club, and you ain't in it" - EML

82% of you are NOT REPUBLICAN.

68% of you are NOT DEMOCRAT.

In November, we'll find out how many of you are "AWAKE"...and those who are will show them what happens to a tail that wags the dog - it gets docked.

Vote - and choose carefully. There are good and bad actors on the ballot, but, at the level where we're running, the bad greatly outnumber the good. Cast them aside.

Not voting is surrender.

Choosing between two masters makes one no less a slave.

"Stand for what's right, or settle for what's left" - FJL

We've brought you options. Take advantage. Take back YOUR State.

CD1 Donald Letton for Congress
CD2 Alexander H Spano for Congress
CD3 Frederick John LaVergne for Congress
CD4 Scott Neuman for Congress
CD8 Pablo Olivera for Congress
CD12 Allen J. Cannon for Congress

Atlantic County - Melissa Tomlinson for Freeholder
Camden County - Gary C. Frazier for Freeholder
Camden County - Fernando Powers for County Clerk
Ocean County - Tracy M. Caprioni for Freeholder

and Eugene Martin LaVergne for US Senate

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