21 Aug 2014
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FOUR CANDIDATES vie for Third District Seat.

FOUR Candidates vie for CD3 Seat



The mainstream media earns big dollars from advertisements by the two so-called “major” parties, and, to better control their revenue, carefully spin what you see to perpetuate the myth of “two-party” dominance.

Robert Edward Forchion, aka “NJWeedman”, does draw some public interest simply through his unconventional approach and appearance.  He is actually far better informed than either of my other two opponents…but his appeal is strongest only in a very narrow band of voters.  He’s really a one-issue candidate, and very passionate about that issue.

They cover him because he “sells soap” for the newspapers’ advertisers.

Because the Democrats felt he would dilute their chances at the seat vacated by Jon Runyan, the NJDSC (New Jersey State Democratic Committee) tried to challenge his ballot petition.  Trouble is, they tried to do so after the statutory deadline.  In spite of this, the VERY partisan Lt. Governor took it upon herself to ignore the law as written, and remove him, anyway. 

Even though I am his opponent, I stood up for him, and showed him how to fight this and remain on the ballot. 

The press is covering “his” fight – I joined him on the suit, but am never mentioned.


Because I potentially carve a big piece out of the Republican/Conservative vote, and a big old bite out of the middle, too…perhaps even enough to win the election.

People are angry over partisan bickering, and machine corruption.  They should be.

The strategy of the two parties, in cooperation with “their” media outlets, is to ignore me…hoping that YOUR impression is that I have no chance at victory in November, and don’t deserve a second glance.

They don’t dare debate me.

I’m not as humble as I should be.  I am the best overall choice in the November election in this district, on any issue you can name.  Why?  Because I wear NO PARTY HANDCUFFS.  I represent YOU, not George Gilmore and his cronies, and not George Norcross, either.

I’m boring.  I tell it like it is, not like the machine wishes you to believe.  I may not tell you what you want to hear…but, when I take a position on something, I won’t just “tell” you why…I’ll “show” you.

When I find corruption, I go after it.  When the machine bullies a fellow candidate, or a constituent – (more than one example, folks – keep watching) – I stand up to them.

Think about that.  If I would stand up for my opponent, then I would be willing to stand up for you, even if you hadn’t voted for me.  Can either of the other two “majors” say that honestly?  Would their “handlers” even let them do so?

I have no “handlers”.  It is more than obvious that the tail wags the dog with the other two “majors”.

You could run a cactus and a philodendron, and you would still get “Gilmore” and “Norcross”.

Rank and File Democrats and Republicans are not the problem.  Mindless lever-pulling is.

You, as an individual voter, and I, as a candidate, may not agree on every issue – but I am certain we agree on this.   The present system is broken, and the solution lies outside of the corrupt “machine minority” that presently “RULES”.

Congress is sent to DC, not to Rule, but to Serve.

I’m not all “Flash and Cash”, trying to buy your vote.  I’m also not basing my campaign on “I’m not Tom” or “I’m not Aimee” – or even “I’m not Steve Lonegan”

I’m basing it on “I am Frederick John LaVergne – and here’s where I stand... “ 

 “I’m willing to hear any better ideas, but this is what I intend to do if you are willing to have me represent you.  If I am wrong, or simply misinformed, call me on it.”

Local leaders on both sides of the fictional aisle have been working with me in various towns on specific issues – why?  Because they can’t get the solutions they need from the establishment and the bosses.  It’s not that they won’t rock the boat – it’s that they are prevented from doing so.

I live “outside” the machine.  So do almost all of you.

They won’t fix what’s broken – it’s not in their financial interest.  They make money off the system “as is”. 

We can do better.  It’s a matter of political will to do so – we’re living in a culture of “political won’t”.

Help me change that.

1)       VOTE.  You would be astonished at the real numbers – how few of you actually show up on election day.  If you don’t vote, don’t gripe.  You’ve already surrendered.  If you’ve moved and not changed your registration, please do so immediately.  This race may well be close enough that your vote could be disqualified if you’re registration is out of date.

2)      BE INFORMED.  Know where each candidate stands on the issues that are important to you.

3)      SHARE this information with your friends and neighbors, and encourage THEM to vote.  It matters.

4)      QUESTION our positions.  If you don’t agree – speak out.  None of us has a monopoly on the truth…and no one who would represent you should ever be unwilling to listen to opposing points of view.


YOU HAVE FOUR CHOICES for CONGRESS in CD3.  Who would best represent YOU, rather than the special interests who wrote the biggest checks?


“Stand for what’s right, or settle for what’s left” - FJL

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