21 Aug 2014
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Breaking News:  ALL FOUR REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES in CD 1 FAILED TO FILE for the Special Election, per the NJ State Board of Elections Web-Site.

Republican Senate hopeful Robert “Turk” Turkavage also missed the filing deadline entirely, having apparently forgotten that we have traffic issues in the afternoon EVERY DAY.

Democrat hopeful in District 7, Diane Kovach, ALSO failed to properly file – this is not just the Republicans, folks.

Several candidates who were supposedly in the race in the primaries around the State, having gathered signatures and raised money, simply failed to show up.

So – with TWO YEARS to prepare within an established so-called “major” party, the leadership fails to deliver.  A novice candidate could make a mistake – the process IS confusing – but the PARTY LINE candidate in CD1 didn’t post in the Special Election…and the Special Election was called by a REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR.

The rank and file Democrats and Republicans should not only feel let down, they should be downright angry.  The independents, for the most part, are amused and appalled at the same time at the level of incompetence that was yesterday’s filing deadline.

How does the State-wide organization fail to prepare ballot petitions properly or surrender them on time?  It’s not like the established dates aren’t black-letter law.

Frankly, since both sides’ leadership tend to ignore the election code as to ballot construction already, anyway – with all 21 Clerks, the Lt. Governor, and Governor successfully sued last year for failure to comply with no less than five specific election laws tied to the Senate Special Election (Christie’s 25 MILLION DOLLAR debacle run to keep the Senate Seat “D”, and the Governor’s Mansion “R” in an astonishing backroom deal that no one believes was not exactly that – see “LaVergne v Lonegan et al”, Docket # L 13 -1933), it’s not that great of a surprise to our organization that there would be chaos at the last minute.

I guess the party bosses were distracted over the last few weeks, what with the sudden availability of what would have otherwise been three “Legacy” seats in Congress adding to their confusion…not like creating a ticket is that difficult a job.  

After all, for the Republicans, at least, they had to find two small-town mayors of meager accomplishment, who lived hours away from those they would represent, to run in a district so corrupt that the only valid Republican candidate had to be ignored because he apparently COULDN’T be bought.  (Props, Admiral Hill.  We’ll talk.  YOUR input matters.). 

Apparently, the non-resident tuition, at least for the Republicans in District Three, is $ 25,000 dollars per County. 


These are elections for FEDERAL OFFICE, not dog-catcher.  It’s “Adult Swim”, folks – everyone else, out of the pool.

The hubris that would allow such incompetence to occur, with the expectation that these folks who didn’t turn in their homework on time would get a pass – the vanity that there is no need to check their work, because they can count on the Clerks to fix it later, disgusts me.  It should disgust you, the voters, as well.

The fact that the party leadership collectively think of, AND REFER TO, specific districts, zealously gerrymandered to preserve as either “D” or “R” “LEGACY SEATS”, is anathema to me.  It goes against every principle of representation that our Nation was founded under – with a price paid in blood, as the Tree of Liberty is wont to require for sustenance.

It has been said that “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance” – well, we’ve been watching.   To the bad actors who have played with the fortunes and futures of those they were supposed to represent, know this… 

Now that you’ve gone and made us get up, we’re coming for you.  Depend upon it.  You have broken faith with the Democrat and Republican VOTERS, and never even consider the independents, who vastly outnumber you.  They all deserve better representation, and it is there for the taking…not only that, it comes without party hand-cuffs, too.

People of New Jersey, you are AMERICANS, first.  Show it.  Kick these feudal “lords” to the curb. 

Trash pick-up is in November.  Put a note on the door to the fridge, so you remember. 

Frederick John LaVergne, “Democratic-Republican” for Congress, NJ CD3

“Stand for what’s right, or settle for what’s left” – FJL 2014


NOTE:  In June, we intend to post a full State-wide slate of Federal Candidates**, and will seek to select the best applicants not beholden to the party machines to run for every available County Office up for election this year.  A tall order, since even the entrenched D’s and R’s don’t run in every district, and often, when they do run a candidate, it is a sacrificial lamb, perpetuating the two-party myth while leaving the seat solidly ‘what it was supposed to be’.



(We’re vetting our last two Federal Candidates at this time.  When you see who is with us, you will know that this year, it’s a horse race.)

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