Jul 25, 2014

Stafford Police Warn About Thefts

Copper and personal property reports are becoming more frequent in Beach Haven West, Village Harbor areas.

Stafford Police Warn About Thefts

Officials with the Stafford Township Police Department are warning residents that they are "experiencing a high volume of copper and theft of personal property reports in the Beach Haven West and Village Harbor area."

Many areas of Stafford,

In a prepared statement, Stafford police wrote:

"Although there is no foolproof way on preventing these selfish acts from happening, residents can follow some simple tips in order to protect your properties:

* Make every attempt to secure your home and crawl space entrance when you leave your property.

* Communicate with neighbors and let them know no one other than contractors and paid services are to be on the property. If possible, tell your neighbors the contractor’s business name.

* Record any license plates and description of any suspicious vehicles or people you encounter or observe.

* If you see someone entering or exiting the rear of homes or from a crawl space carrying equipment or copper material, call police."

For immediate response, residents are encouraged to contact the Stafford Township Police Department at 609-597-8581.

For anonymous callers and for all other criminal related information please contact 609-597-1189 x8477 (TIPS).

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