23 Aug 2014
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Clear Sidewalks of Snow & Ice, Bernardsville Residents Reminded

Bernardsville Borough law requires all snow and ice removed, not just narrow path.

Clear Sidewalks of Snow & Ice, Bernardsville Residents Reminded

The Bernardsville Police Department issued a reminder on Monday requesting the cooperation of borough residents and business owners in clearing snow and ice form public sidewalks and right of ways. 

The police department has received complaints about the condition of sidewalks after snow storms, said Bernardsville Police Chief Kevin Valentine. He said that the police department will be enforcing all weather-related ordinances throughout the borough after snowstorms, including those governing snow removal from walkways, overnight parking, and illegally plowing snow onto public streets or right of way, he said.

"The Borough Code requires that property owners and tenants remove all ice and snow from sidewalks within eight hours of the precipitation stopping," the chief said in a news release.

Valentine added that warnings may be issued, but that is up to the discretion of the officer investigating the complaint, and depending on the circumstances. 

In answer to a question about obligations for the elderly and the disabled, he said there currently are not provisions for exceptions in the code.

"The officer will take all of the circumstances under consideration before determining if a warning or summons should be issued," he said. He added he is not aware of local resources for assistance, but if the sidewalk is in a critical location, such as a school area, police might ask the borough department of public works to clear the sidewalk.

All snow and ice must be removed, or some other non-slippery substance laid on surfaces that can't be cleared

The Police Department release also reminded residents that the code requires all snow and ice to be removed from sidewalks, not just a narrow path. 

In the event of ice which may be so frozen as to make removal impracticable, the property owner or tenant shall cause the same to be thoroughly covered with sand, ashes, salt, sawdust or some other non-slippery or adhesive substance so as to make the same safely passable.

Law also prohibits snow from being plowed out of private driveways and lots and onto streets

In addition to weather related complaints about the sidewalks, police also have been alerted to concerns about snow being plowed into the street from private driveways and parking lots. 

“Plow operators are not permitted to pile snow in the street or in the public right of way, according to the borough code," Valentine added.

Bernardsville police pfficers will be on the lookout for snow piled on the paved portion of roadways, he said.

The plowing of snow into the street interferes with snow removal operations and creates a variety of safety issues including creating obstructions and causing icing conditions, the chief added.

He noted that borough law states, “No person shall throw, place or deposit any snow or ice which has accumulated upon private property into or upon any public sidewalk, handicapped parking space, bicycle route or the paved portion of any public street in the borough or into or upon any area within the right-of-way lines of any street."

The Bernardsville Police Department monitors the condition of roadways during storms and works closely with the Bernardsville Department of Public Works to clear the streets of ice and snow as quickly as possible, he said.

No parking overnight on snow-covered streets

Police also issued a reminder that parking is prohibited on borough roadways that are snow covered and on street overnight parking is prohibited. Detailed information regarding these weather related regulations can be found on the Bernardsville Police Department website at bernardsvillepd.org.

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