Jul 29, 2014

Council Rewards Second Chance Policeman

Councilwoman Marie Strumolo Burke presents Police Officer Vinnie Carnicella with a proclamation for his years running township's community service program.

Council Rewards Second Chance Policeman

The Township Council and town officials Tuesday night rewarded a police officer's years of service in running the township's community service program.

Councilwoman Marie Strumolo Burke presented a proclamation to Belleville Police Officer Vinnie Carnicella thanking him for his service the town's Second Chance program, which gives people convicted of non-violent minor crimes a chance to work off their debt through community service.

"Vinnie doesn't know what the word 'No' means when it comes to helping this township," Burke said. "He has helped so many residents in many ways for a lot of years."

Carnicella said he had just one requirement for agreeing to take the leadership of the program.

"The only thing I asked was to let me run the program the way I thought it should be done, no matter what that means," Carnicella said. "And I always say, if it is not something that I could do myself, it won't get done."

He said he was proud of this work with the program, and Township Attorney Thomas Murphy said he has seen how well Belleville's program is worked, compared with other towns.

"I see a lot of my clients in other towns, and every other program comes in a distant second to what you do, Vinnie," Murphy said. "You handle the work in a way that lets the people know that you respect them, which allows you to get the most out of them, while giving them their dignity."

Mayor Ray Kimble said, "The entire council wants to thank you for your great service, and as a former police chief, I know how well you have done this job."

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