23 Aug 2014
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Halloween Costumes: What's Hot this Year

Patch asks the experts at State Fair in Belleville

Halloween Costumes: What's Hot this Year Halloween Costumes: What's Hot this Year Halloween Costumes: What's Hot this Year Halloween Costumes: What's Hot this Year Halloween Costumes: What's Hot this Year

Superhero costumes are among this year’s top sellers at State Fair in Belleville, says Michele Tartaglione, with Batman and Catwoman from the movie The Dark Knight Rises among the most popular for couples.

Tartaglione, a managing director at the popular Halloween outfitters, says movies and TV have also led to increased demand for zombie and Spiderman
costumes. Among the ladies, Black Widow from The Avengers is also a hot seller in 2012.

If costumes truly reflect who you are deep down (or who you want to be), then police forces should have no trouble finding recruits -- among men, the SWAT officer costume is once again king.

“This is probably the third year in a row,” Tartaglione said. “I think it’s because it’s an easy wear and it’s an easily identifiable costume.”

Men are also willing to dress up in his-and-hers outfits, “provided they don’t look foolish,” Tartaglione said. Fortunately, “male friendly” costumes, like police officers or soldiers, have easy female equivalents, although a lot of women prefer to go with “sexy” versions of those standbys, Tartaglione said.

Women are also favoring spooky versions of classic fantasy characters, like “zombie” versions of princesses. Another popular option are “Furry Frankies,” monster costumes with a fun, feminine twist.

Among the younger set, preteen boys gravitate towards old-school monsters like Freddy Krueger or Jason from the Halloween movie franchise. (Parents should take note, however: Tartaglione says schools that host costume parades these days generally prohibit outfits featuring “weapons and paraphernalia” and masks.)

The Goth look, meanwhile, remains popular among tween girls, especially macabre versions of storybook favorites like Alice in Wonderland. 

And what about something for the whole brood, from mom and dad down to the toddlers? Tartaglione has a suggestion here too.

“This year we have a family of crayons.”

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