Jul 29, 2014

Have a Hankerin' for Something Sweet?

Nutley's The Stuffed Cupcake, Applegate Farms are award-winning choices

Have a Hankerin' for Something Sweet? Have a Hankerin' for Something Sweet?

If you have a sweet tooth for a cupcake or ice cream in Nutley, we’ve got places for you.

Both the Stuffed Cupcake on Franklin Avenue and Applegate Farms on Centre Street are officially award-winning places to indulge your love of desserts.

Each tasty place garnered runner-up status for NJ Monthly’s Best of Food and Drink survey published this month.

For the Stuffed Cupcake, everyone from Oprah to Rachel Ray has sung the eatery’s praises. The rumor is, the cupcakes are moist and stuffed with goodness.

The stores owners are Maureen and Keith Jarret. Maureen Jarret said they have been in first place or in the top four favorites in the survey for all of the four years they have been in business.

“We’re pleased because there are so many places out there making cupcakes,” she said.  “I think it is because of the unique flavors and that the quality stands out.”

The cupcake flavors include:  Banana, Strawberry Blonde, Boston Crème and Red Velvet. In a few short years, the Stuffed Cupcake has made its mark in Nutley and beyond.

Then there is the superior ice cream menu at Applegate Farms. Nutley is lucky enough to have a franchise in the center of the town, but the ice cream legend's legacy harkens all the way back to 1884.

Jaime and John Dodds own the store and commented on the contest.  “This is the first time in our seven years owning the Nutley store that we’ve been recognized,” Jaime Dodds said. “It tells me that we’re doing things right, that we’re providing the family environment and great service that we pride ourselves on.”

With fresh, homemade ice cream, patrons can take advantage of March’s special, the classic Ice Cream Sundae, from 11 a.m. through 1:30 p.m.

Do you have a favorite cupcake or ice cream flavor? Be sure to comment about it at the end of this article.

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