Jul 30, 2014

Bloomfield School District Has Changes in Store

District officials say new technology will be a hallmark of the school year.

There are lots of changes in store in the Bloomfield School District and improvements being made to the district in time for the new school year. From technology to field trips, to new lesson plans, school officials say it will be an exciting year for the district's students.

Elementary Schools:

- The iPad and Samsung Tablets will be introduced as learning tools in a new and more technological way than ever before. “We plan to move forward with various technology initiatives, including expanding our smart boards in the classroom,” said Superintendent of Schools Jason Bing, “Just to go beyond classroom walls in our schools.”

- Rosetta Stone will be added to the language department this year. “It will be the first year that we move forward with our Rosetta Stone program,” said Bing.

- Observing live surgical operations and electronic field trips is another innovative project that is taking place, which will tie in with stem education.

Middle School:

- Waterbotics will be added to the curriculum this year. Waterbotics uses a Lego robotics system and combining engineering and math. It also takes the program to a new level, where students have to design machines that operate in not only out of the water but in the water as well. “So the classroom will actually have a pool in it where kids will be able to use their robots in that pool to do various activities,” said Jason Bing.

- New testing. According to officials, every district is now entering the new realm of testing. It’s now based on student progress instead of the ‘one shot deal’ that it always was. “We’re looking forward to seeing how this is going to play out and how the state will facilitate it and what the framework of all of our schools will be operating with it,” said Jason Bing.

High School:

-Technology Updates. “We are continually updating our technology. We’re putting in a new computer lab upstairs on the 5th floor, we have updated all teacher laptops, so we collected all the teacher laptops and put new software on there as well,” said Principal Christopher Jennings, “There will also be new computer carts and new smart boards in the building all through the various departments.”

-Placement Course. There will be a new advanced placement course for junior level English, according to school officials.

-Freshmen Initiative. “We have a freshman initiative which will concentrate on the transition between 8th and 9th grade, allowing freshman more opportunities for help and remediation to help them survive that freshman year of high school,” said Jennings.

-New Wednesday Schedule. According to  Jennings, the school is considering a new Wednesday schedule, where there will be an activity period built into the day from 1:40-2:35. This will enable students to be involved in school-sponsored clubs and activities, said Jennings.

Every high school student should expect to haveschedules and information packets before August 30th. School officials say this school year will bring new and exciting projects.

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