Jul 28, 2014
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Brick Council Set to Vote On Clerk's Position Again

Reappointment of Lynnette Iannarone on council agenda

Brick Council Set to Vote On Clerk's Position Again

Brick Township council members are, again, poised to vote on appointing a township clerk for the next three years.

Two weeks after an attempt to appoint former Democratic township council member Kathy Russell failed, the council will vote to reappoint current clerk Lynnette Iannarone, a copy of the May 21 council meeting agenda shows.

Iannarone has worked in the clerk's office for 17 years and has served as clerk since 2010, following the retirement of Virginia Lampman. Her initial term ends June 30, but if she is reappointed she will gain tenure in the clerk's position, meaning she could only lose her job for cause.

At the May 7 council meeting, Councilman Jim Fozman began the meeting by suddenly making a motion to appoint Russell to the post. The motion gained support from council members John Ducey and Susan Lydecker, but the governing body's fourth Democrat, Council President Bob Moore, said Iannarone was doing well in the position and should keep her job.

With Councilman Dan Toth, a Republican, absent from the meeting, the vote ended in a 3-3 tie – both council members Joseph Sangiovanni and Domenick Brando opposed the motion – and failed.

Toth, along with Brando and Sangiovanni, has signaled his support of keeping Iannarone in the clerk's position.

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