23 Aug 2014
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5 Places to Get Great Ice Cream

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5 Places to Get Great Ice Cream

We have definitely shared this with everyone before, but today it's seems only appropriate to do so again. That's right, Tuesday is National Ice Cream Day, so in honor of that, and the extreme heat we have seen over the past few weeks, we present five places in Bridgewater to get some great ice cream, ices or frozen yogurt!

  • —Of course one of the most well-known is Rita's Ice, located on Prince Rodgers Avenue, with its offerings of water ice, custard, ice cream and much more—perfect for an outside frozen treat.
  • —It's the newest confection in the Village at Commons, with its self-serve frozen yogurt, a variety of different flavors and so many toppings to choose from. Head over, enjoy some music and help yourself!
  • —It just recently opened in , but it is already a hit, with self-serve frozen yogurt in all different flavors, plus a toppings bar with everything you could possibly imagine—chocolate chips, oreos, strawberries, M&Ms and so much more.
  • —It is a regular restaurant, but it also has its own homemade ice cream, with all original flavors and just a delicious treat in the afternoon.
  • —Also located in the mall, Bananas offers a little bit of a healthier option with its frozen treats, many of which have lots of fruit as well. Between gelatis, smoothies, ice cream and more, there's lots to choose from.

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